Witch House Cafe Fun

I was invited by the owner of Witch House Cafe to come along on a Sunday morning with my family and entertain the family and children while they were eating their breakfast. Seemed like a good idea to me so we made it happen.

Twix Banana

A round up of some of the antics I got up to in the past couple of weeks, including visiting a Dentist on my Birthday and then going to see my friend Rusty play in his new band, Soul Drive, that night.

Banu’s Wedding

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the wedding of my good friend Banu whom I hadn’t seen since I left Turkey to go back to Scotland in 2013 before my eventual return.

Art School Exhibition

On the way back from a visit to the town centre I spotted another Art Exhibition in the same venue that my friend Agnes had displayed some of her work a couple of years prior.

Antalya Day Out – 3/10/15

I took my son to the town centre to see about another job that wasn’t really a job. We ended up going for a wee stroll to the cliff face and done a dance on the Piano Pool as we always do.

Couchsurfing Night

My son has moved in with me so that and my financial situation kind of curtails my old drinking habits, but I do miss socialising so I took my wife and son along to meet the Couchsurfers!