Truth Seeking


My mind is getting pulled in several directions
As I try to get to the bottom of life
Everyone has a different story or angle
The amount of disinformation is rife

Some say that demons are in cahoots
With those in secret positions of power
Who perform rituals every full moon
Which peak at the witching hour

Others say that it’s extraterrestrials
Who hold the power over mankind
And no matter how hard we try
We can never break the ties that bind

Then of course we have the Vatican
Holding sway over the earthly dominion
The Church of Rome is a political state
Also an expert in moulding opinion

The politicians are no shrinking violets
Although ultimately they follow orders
That is why they sign any bit of paper
Which further erodes our borders

We have many people offering solutions
To the predicament we find ourselves in
Most of them are at best charlatans
While the rest have their own form of spin

The more I look into all of the trappings
That tie my mind up in knots
The further away than ever I get
From joining any of the so called dots

There is one solution I have not studied
Maybe because it is the one that is real
It is the one that during an exorcism
Makes the possessed freak out and squeal

It is also the one that we are conditioned
From the start to think is bullshit
Maybe because it was hijacked
By the Vatican in order to demonise it

I am talking of course about Christianity
And becoming a full time Jesus believer
We are led to believe that this man
If he did exist was an under achiever

It’s true a lot of Christians do scare me
They have a look of certainty in their eye
And I suppose if you live your life well
Then you will go to Heaven when you die

So I think there may be something real
About the teaching in the King James VI Bible
But as I said I don’t know enough yet
So if you’re a Catholic please don’t sue me for libel

So as I said I will spend some time investigating
From the power of Christ point of view
I wouldn’t touch a priest with a barge pole
But I would like to find out if Jesus is true

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