Who Is To Blame?

who to blame

I don’t know how to say this
I don’t know what you think
I have just witnessed an atrocity
And I know that something stinks

I don’t believe the news
I don’t believe the papers
I have unconventional ideas
And I’m not a Muslim hater

I don’t assume it is time for war
I don’t assume the programmed way
I have a thinking feeling mind
And I distrust everything our leaders say

I don’t recognize their position
I don’t recognize their thoughts
I have friends and family all around me
And my loyalty can’t be bought

I don’t succumb to blackmail
I don’t succumb to fear
I have a heart that is full of love and hope
And I have no great need for beer

I don’t think it was terrorists
I don’t think they would have the gall
I have an inkling into who’s responsible
And it really would shock and scare you all

I don’t want to ignore my responsibility
I don’t want to stand alone
I have different answers to your questions
And I am a friend who you can phone

Song to match Poem

Paris – What Would You Do?

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