Evolving Backwards

evolving backwards

Falling backwards into the same dark hole
Even though I know there is another way to go
What holds me back from attaining myself?
Why won’t I learn that I must go with the flow?

Circumstances are showing me the path
I started walking it before I was born
I made an agreement to help the world
But I feel that option is a stickily thorn

Drowning downwards into outdated oblivion
Even though I know the only way is fun
What brings me back to deluding myself?
Why won’t I do all that needs to be done?

Revelations are revealing my destiny
I realised what the truth was trying to teach
I formed a pact with wolves and devils
But I have discovered fame is just out of reach

Driving sidewards into an onrush of love
Even though I know nothing comes for free
What turns me back into oncoming traffic?
Why won’t I just let my actions just be?

Divinations are casting their shadow of doubt
I maximised the limitations of exploration
I signed a contract with men in dark suits
To form the basis of my personal condemnation

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