He Was Himself

Don't Let the Rule into your Head!

It was something to do with what he was programmed to do
That made him laugh and enjoy himself to the absolute full
Not caring what society perceived what was and was not cool
He did not give a monkey’s that he was known as the village fool

Don’t let the rule into your head
Too many people act like they’re dead
Do not listen to the thoughts that are said
Dreams can exist outside your bed

For a long lonely time he battled to fulfill his relationship with abnormality
That in itself pushed his behavioural patterns way beyond anybody
Not thinking that others had eyes to compliment sarcastically
He believed success was a strive for private pure individuality

Don’t let your Bull see the red
Too many clowns get too easily fed
Do not drink from the river of lead
Dreams and life are there to be wed

Nights never ending were beginning to take their toll
All that playing around and living rock and tumbling roll
Not reasoning to look a little deeper into the well of his soul
He knew he was not born to live his life on the spiritual dole

Don’t let dark feelings invade
Too many bright stars can fade
Do not live for just getting laid
Dreams come true and get paid

Fortunately for him the boy was destined to realize his role
Thanks to that kiss he took from the ugly beautiful mole
Not asking how he managed to jump the highest pole
He emerged intact from the all time blackest hole

Don’t let techno control the rave
Too many losers don’t deserve to be saved
Do not go into your underground cave
Dreams are the tip of the tidal wave

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