Poor Mans Goal

poor mans goal billy

I watch my life pass before my eyes
Wondering where it will lead
Everyday I sit in front of a computer
Hoping it will give me what I need

Meanwhile the demons that rule this world
Go full steam ahead with their plans
Not for them the daily grind
They have too much power in their hands

I have been vaccinated, indoctorinated
Programmed and abused
They do all they can to keep us down
To make sure that we lose

I have so much apathy running through
The very core of my being
What can I do to stop the torment
Of all the pain that I am seeing?

Laziness won’t save the planet
And neither will Rock and Roll
Now is the time for the call to action
To realize the poor mans goal

I have followed leaders
Let others take control of my life
Everyone from my high school teacher
To the devil in my wife

I cannot play this game much longer
There are more important things at hand
To secure my place in the future
I have to make an individuals stand

Time seems to be running out
Indeed it is in short supply
People all around the world
Can’t see the end is nigh

It is all part of their conditioning
To accept the world as it is
To go along with the New Age plan
And give up their future bliss

But people let me tell you
That is not the way it is
You have the power to turn you around
You don’t have to be depressed

It starts by communicating
The feelings that we feel
To recognize that the truth is lurking
Behind what we are told is real

It is time to purify your soul
In preparation for the calling
There is no time to worry about
The dark ones who are stalling

Sure it will take some effort
Some habits will be lost on the way
But if you don’t pull out all the stops
It will be too high a price to pay

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