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Hamish Scotland

So today is supposed to be a great day for Scotland, one that will do down in history.  The people there at least ‘theoretically’ (if you believe the result) have a choice to choose to be ruled from closer to home than Westminster.  Well, whoopee fucking do. Is that suppossed to be something to get excited about?

They are still going to be ruled over and effectively ‘shat on’ until they themselves take responsibility for their own choices on an individual level and start making changes in their own behaviours based on a greater understanding of exactly how they are being shafted.  Which , unfortunately I can’t see happening any time soon.

People like to be governed. They want some external authority to make decisions for them and to come up with a nice little plan for their lives that they can fit safely into so they don’t need to think for themselves.  Whether that false security comes from a town far away or from their own doorstep is irrelevant.

A lot of nationalistic pride has come out of the woodwork over the whole issue but they can’t see that the nation or flag that they think they belong to actually means something very different to what they think it does.

Who drew these lines on maps that divided one land mass to another?  Who said that I was Scottish if I brought up the borders yet English if  I was brought up say 10 miles on the other side of the imaginary line?

These nations are obviously the creation of man and although the races may have differences by virtue of the genetic line they descended from, nations these days are multi-cultural and so I don’t see where the pride is in belonging to what is in fact a corporation which was set up to extract wealth from the populace through taxation and the use of their labour.

There is a huge con-trick being played on the majority of the people on the planet right now and the sooner we stop watching Eastenders or any of the countless drivel of shite that flickers across Lucifers Dreambox the better but hey, if everyone else is doing it or talking about it then it must be good eh?

I would suggest start looking into the forces that directly control your life and start to educate yourself on the illusion you are fed to keep you in the dark over how exactly you are being fucked on a daily, second by second basis.

Of course, not everyone has succumbed to the mass hypnosis but I would say that the vast majority have and that all that is left if for their souls to be claimed at the Harvest, for what need does the Creator have for a minion of the dark side.

Ok, so that may be a little esoteric but what the hell, I gotta say something to try and inspire you to put the fucking Playstation controller down or switch off the porn channel (I know it’s hard) and start to take back your power to live up to your human potential.

I am not saying it is easy. I have spent over 20 years looking and reading all kinds of philosophical/spiritual teachings as well as lots of crazy shit about conspiracies and aliens etc and I am still far from getting to where I want to be, but hey, it is not about the destination but it is the journey where the magic happens.

That is what I am trying to do these days. Let go and let the magic happen. You can’t do that when you live in fear. It is not a good match.  The universe can’t see you in order to give you what you need if you are not looking for it in the first place.

We don’t need political parties to rule over us with endless promises about stuff they have no intention of delivering.  Christ, they don’t even need to engage in real political debates these days, all they do is read of a fucking Teleprompter while doing certain hand gestures based on their NLP training and Bingo, they can do what they want after that.

Anyway, here is a video I made talking about a few of the points I made above.

I know this post will not go down well with most people but I am past caring what ‘the masses’ think of me. If you enjoyed it or would like to comment on what I said then please do so.

We need to engage with each other to make the world a better place and I am tired of feeling like I am a leper.  I don’t mind that, I am used to it, but some fellow lepers would make some nice company I am sure.

So any thoughts? Questions?

Gie’s a shout if ye dae. 😉


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