Earn Your Worth

Earn Your Worth

The edge of the cliff awaits my footstep
Opportunity is on the horizon of love
All I have to do is be prepared for the best
Then the gifts will shower me from above

I have searched against the working tide
Held strong in the face of dark temptation
Believing I was destined for anything greater
Knowing I would meet my one salvation

I followed the path of most resistance
Now it is time to let the habitual past go
When the diamond appears it can’t be ignored
That is the meaning of go with the flow

You know it’s right when you can’t get around
The excitement of promise elevates mood
Going deeper into the well of the technology
Brings energy to my quest for spiritual food

Expansion is a stretch of the imagination
Seeing yourself as a new form of being
Filling it out makes your belief even stronger
Then your mind can see that it needs freeing

Nervousness might take you into it’s grip
It will test your resolve to follow through
Obstacles will be placed in your reception
Making sure you become one of the chosen few

Quality is earned by learning from others
Giving is a given when you drop the ladder
Reward will role in when you offer advice
You will not have time to empty your bladder

When fortunes are made in your own soul
Lives will be changed by the creation of wealth
Hearts will glow with the recognition of pride
Prosperity doesn’t have to be detrimental to health

If you feel like taking the business end of the journey
Enter your details in the space I have provided
At the end of the day you are killing yourself
You are the one over who’s life you’ve presided

I can show you a new way of changing your world
What you put in you can get back tenfold
Don’t listen to those who are on your wavelength
It is time for you to earn your weight in gold

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