The Promised Light

promised light

The genius of this moment is there for all to see
Yet people turn a blind eye in case their hopes get dashed
Who are you to tell me what I know I need to do?
I’m tired of listening to my unique dreams being bashed

It is apparent to everyone that everything changes
Yet we train ourselves to expect chaotic financial collapse
How can it be any other way if that’s all we’ve ever known?
Maybe we could turn it round if we all died perhaps

The insect minions know that the horizon is troubling
Yet they continue to bury their head in the their paper
Why would they think for themselves in a crisis?
Someone in charge will sacrificially pay for the caper

The species is looking forward to achieving extinction
Yet behind the curtain is an extinct dinosaur
What have you got that makes your life special?
None of the weak ones have any soul anymore

Grace is at hand from God only knows where
Yet the mind looks for answers inside of it’s head
Don’t you realise that this road leads to oblivion?
As the saying goes, when you’re alive you’re not dead

Boundaries are enforced by close circuit TV
Yet we try to connect by long distance sex chat
Are you the one with your finger on the pulse?
Do anything to me but don’t mention I’m fat

Peer pressure exudes it’s influence on youth
Yet the elders of the tribe cave into darkness daily
Will we ever find the way to the promised light?
Everything here supports the crown of Old Bailey

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