Nob Stewart in ScotlandNob Stewart is the greatest living all round psychopathic superstar sensation to come out of Scotland in the past wee while.

Forget his musical influences, Hank Williams, Little Richard, James Brown, Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Conner, Sydney Divine or even his namesake Rod Stewart.

Nob in Lion Rampant T-ShirtForget his literary influences, Rabbie Burns, William Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, Jack Kerouac, Robert Anton Wilson, Ivor Cutler or even the great Pam Ayers.

Forget his comedy influences, Laurel and Hardy, Lenny Bruce, Woody Allen, Richard Pryor, Monty Python, George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Billy Connelly, Doug Stanhope, Larry David or even his idol Roy Chubby Brown.

Nob is all of the above and more in one distinct unique indescribable package.

Nob's earliest memory is performing in my nappy aged 5 to Mary's Born Child (Jesus Christ) by Boney M. He still loves that song, not that he believes in all that Jesus crap, "it's just a damn good tune."" says Nob.

Nob Stewarts BirthBorn to a Virgin Mum (or at least he likes to think of her that way) the date and place of Nobs birth is unimportant, but there was a bright star overhead (probably the Sun) and 3 dodgy guys did turn up bearing gifts of Whisky, Deep Fried Pizza and 20 Fags (although in these politicaly correct days perhaps we should call them homosexuals) but we think they had escaped from the local mental asylum or old folks home as it is more commonly known.

Nob Stewart performing at Hampden Park in his KiltAll that matters however, is that he is here with us NOW to entertain the masses with his thoughtful views of the world, his insightful lyrics, his funny poems and stories,his unique vocal style and above all his passionate delivery. "To share my amazing gifts from the creator and to save the human race from its inevitable self destruction is my lifes purpose" Nob says humbly.

So catch him while you can, like all the greats Nob thinks his matchstick may burn so bright he may not be around long enough to see it go out.

Nob Stewart's Personal Introduction

Nob Personal Introduction

Hello folks, hoo's it hangin? Aricht? Cool.

On this site you will find me talkin’ aboot a’ kinds of crap.  A’ will be posting poems, stories, rants, video blogs, videos of ma pals shit, videos on the net that turn me on whitever else a’ fancy really in a bid tae avoid gettin' a real job.

Nuthin' ventured an' a' that and if a' dinnae make some dosh soon at least ma integrity will be intact when a' go doon tae the docks tae get ma arse reamed.

A' would also like tae tell ye that ah'm nae as daft as a look. A lot ae folk judge me by ma tartan cover but underneath a' ma bravado ah' hive got a guid heart. A' mean well an' a jist want tae express masel tae the max before a' pop ma clogs which considerin' the amoont ae alcohol a' hiv consumed in ma time could be any day noo.

Ah’ have put some buttons aroond the site and again apparently if ye make a (preferably guid) comment and push them then the whole world gets tae ken aboot it.  If nae yin else is interested then at least ye tried yer best and yer alricht in ma book. If a' ever meet ye a' will let ye buy me a pint or six.

So, any'hin else ye want tae ken aboot me, jist ask........an' a'll dae ma best tae get back tae ye within a week or so.

A' am a busy man aftir aw, great wurks ae art dinnae write themself.

Cheers the noo!