Can you hear the new tomorrow?
Listen closely if you dare
You need to become accustomed
To the sound waves in your hair

Let the voice come through you
A dialogue must now take place
Open up the channels
And let’s move to inner space

We are standing on the edge
Of something very big
Our imagination is waiting
For us to leave the egg

A meeting with the other
Is now the order of the day
The alien is upon us
There is no other way

Do not be afraid
Raise your hand into the sky
She has come to take us home
Into our dreams we must fly

The bells are ringing out
It is time to use our tools
Lets leave our monkey bodies
And become full time crazy fools

Lyric Version

Nobs Version


I played around with my effects settings to try and hide how shit Nobs voice is, don’t think it worked. 😉

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