Annabel Chongs Wet Dream


The pornstar Annabel Chong had a world record dream
She was desperate to become the world’s most popular gangbang queen
She already held the record for the porn industry’s first triple entry
But she hoped this cunning stunt would ensure her place in degradation history

She set herself a reasonable target of 20 Rugby Teams
And this event definitely had an oval ball theme
Her dream was advertised to all the loners on the net
If you want to dip your wick, it said, this may be the best chance you’ll get

So three hundred cocks turned up and formed an orderly queue
Our lady looked quite taken by the motley looking crew
She lay down on the bed and spread her bandy legs
She never needs to be told twice to drop her smelly kegs

One by one they clambered on, to do what they had come to do
To take part in a New World Record and batter her fishy pussy blue
They all went at it hard and fast, showing her no mercy
She gritted her teeth for the act was not complete without an ejaculating Percy

By number forty three, her not so private parts began to really hurt
She wondered how long it was going to take for three hundred pervs to spurt
After ten hours of constant banging, she said enough’s enough
The rest of you will have to find some other freelance muff

But the good news is she had done just enough to go down in history
Two hundred and fifty one pricks all starred in her world breaking horror movie
But the dick who was next in line took the rejection like a curse
For it was his dream to take someone’s sloppy two hundred and fifty firsts

“What? 10 hours I’ve been here, patiently wanking my turn
What have I done to be the one that she has chose to spurn
Well give me a hangman’s rope and stick an orange in my mouth
I’m going to go the same way as the Minister for London South

But coming back to Annabel, like so many have done before
She has the cheek to claim that she is not a whore
If you ask her why she done it, she’ll say for fame and lots of money
But one thing is for sure she will never be a Playboy Bunny

Cause even Hugh Hefner would draw the line at fucking Annabel Chong
He has three hundred gorgeous models form a queue to fuck him all day long
Personally I think the whole sex industry is sick
Annabel wasn’t making love she was just wanting men to cum quick

How far are we going to go in exploiting fragile souls?
Annabels character certainly didn’t need any more widening of it’s holes
I think the reason she got those men to penetrate every nook and cranny
Is because she was encouraged to act the part of a total fucking fanny

It is time to look ourselves in the mirror and ask some timely questions
Will the Goddess look at our antics and forgive our brutal transgressions?
Or will she shake her head and get rid of us once and for all?
Cause we sure have a long way to bounce back to how we were before The Fall

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