Antalya Beer Crew

Antalya Beer Crew

A while ago I went out for a drink with some friends of mine and wrote a poem about it.

I like to go out for a drink
With my friends Tugce and Ebru
We call ourselves The Olympos Team
Or sometimes the Antalya Beer Crew

They sometimes invite some friends
Who cannot understand what I say
Their English is like my Turkish
Fortunately alcohol smooths the way

It is weird living in another culture
I feel so sorry for young women here
Their families are far too controlling
It’s a miracle they even drink beer

But they manage in spectacular fashion
These girls sure know how to party
The beautiful thing is they can get drunk
Without resorting to the need to be clarty

Some men would be disappointed
That all that beer is going to waste
But I don’t need to have sex with them
If I did their drink would be laced

But they had to go home early that evening
So I went to Dip Bar to see Blues Box
My friend Hendi is their singer
And they certainly are the dogs bollocks

They know how to whip up the crowd
By playing popular hits of the past
Dancing with beautiful young women
You can be sure that I had a blast

Nicko and Sebnem who work with Hendi
Turned up to show their support
Sebnem really seemed to love them
Cause all she did was snort

I know my patter is not that funny
And Nicko’s fly was not undone
So it must have been their music
That was causing her so much fun

At one point I thought I had got lucky
With a bird with long flowing blonde hair
If only she knew how to shave
Cause her face looked like that of a bear

Sexy Bird with Beard

Unfortunately she soon disappeared
So I made some advances on the Bar Lady
She humoured me for about five minutes
Before telling me my moves were shady

So my friends and I continued to drink
Nicko must have had a couple of E’s
Cause long after the band had left
He was still raving to sounds of the Ninties

But the sad news is that Hendi will leave soon
A new adventure awaits him in Brazil
Let’s hope the band survives without him
I’m sure they will because they are brill

If they are ever really desperate for a singer
I would happily volunteer
The only problem is that I can’t sing
Unless I have twelve bottles of beer

Then I can’t remember the words
Or even stand up on my feet
But inside my head I’m a rock star
As I get thrown out onto the street

If only I had a voice like the man himself
Maybe that’s why women throw themselves at him
Maybe I need to try a new sober strategy
Or get myself down to the gym

What’s he got that I haven’t?
Apart from a voice, good looks and charm?
Surely skin colour is not that important
Maybe he’s got a cock like a baby’s arm

So good luck Hendi in your new life
Or rather, a new chapter of the old one
If you thought Turkish women were crazy
Apparently Brazilians are even more fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click the link if you would like to see clips of Blues Box playing from that particular night.

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  • haluk
    July 7, 2012

    “Then I canโ€™t remember the words
    Or even stand up on my feet
    But inside my head Iโ€™m a rock star
    As I get thrown out onto the street”

    puhahahaha :)))

  • haluk
    July 7, 2012

    I dig that blond chick with the beard btw.. any chance I can get her number?? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Billy
      July 9, 2012

      Yeah, she is cute. Unfortunately, not through lack of trying, I never managed to get it.
      She said she prefers cute young turkish guys so you’ve got a better chance than I have.
      At least you are in the ball park.
      If I see her around town I will pass on your number, who knows, maybe she’ll give you a call one day, when you least expect it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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