Antalya Sand Festival – Guess The Movie

Guess the movie.

I paid a trip to the Sand Festival in Lara, Antalya at the weekend with my son and girlfriend. This year, as last year, the sculptures were based on Hollywood Movies and indeed some of the sculptures were the same but they had changed a few of them.

Here is a video I made at last years Festival.

This year we were on the bus for ages and I thought I recognised where we were to get off but it turned out it was 2km too soon and had to get a taxi to take us further along the road that the bus would have taken us anyway. That was a bit painful for a Scotsman.

However, I have learned that if your child is six, most things here are free and adult price if they are seven, so I have my son well drilled on his age and so I saved the 8 lira entry for him. So, swings and roundabouts.

I don’t like teaching my son to lie but it is forced upon me. For instance we were at Dino Park a couple of weeks ago and because I said he was seven it cost 25 lira as compared to nothing. Why they don’t have a child’s price escapes me. Mind you, most things here escape my sense of logic and reason.

He didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as last year either because it was much hotter and he just wanted to get to the beach. Fair enough, so did I but he could have at least pretended to be a little bit interested to make me feel like a good Daddy. Instead I wondered around myself taking photos while he sat in the shade pouring his overly priced water over his head.

While there, to try and get maximum money’s worth I thought I could make a wee video to play a game called Guess The Movie. As it was a bit hot my brain got a bit fuddled and as you will see, I repeated some of the numbers.

If you would like to play there are 32 movies to guess. Good luck!

Send your answers to yourself as I don’t know what they all are either. I maybe should have wrote them down as I was walking around. Doh!



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