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Hello and welcome to Antalya News and Blog section.

My name is Billy Watson and I moved to Antalya in 2006.  The reason I have put together this website is to help showcase this beautiful area as I believe it is seriously under promoted, in the UK especially. When you take a look around the website and see what the area has to offer I am sure you will agree.

In this blog section I will be posting my adventures for your viewing pleasure just to give you more of an insight into the area. If you have any suggestions of places of interest that I could visit please let me know.

I would also be very happy if you leave a comment in any videos or news stories you find interesting.

As an introduction here is a video of Antalya Town centre and the surrounding area put together from some home movies I had stored on my computer.

Thank you for your interest in my site and Antalya.


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