Lach’s Anti-Hoot 13/1/14

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Lach the Host

I went along to Henry’s Cellar for another night of stellar open mic at Lach’s Anti-hoot where over the next 6 weeks they are giving away £500 in prize money to the best open micers which are voted for by audience members as well as a staff pic.

Lach kicked the night off with two songs, the first of which got it’s first public airing. Check it out….

Bo’ness Boys

Boness Boys

I was quite surprised to hear that the first act was from Bo’ness, which the place were I am staying right now. It is not famed for it’s talent pool but these guys certainly done very well. I think they have a really nice sound. Let’s hope they come back again.

The Lost Weekendzzzzzz

Paul and Craig from Lost Weekendzzz

I had made a couple of video recordings of Craig Finnie for a previous blog and was surprised to see him take the stage as part of a band. The lead singer and songwriter Paul is a character and a half alright but they certainly delivered the goods and got my vote as the best act of the evening. Check out why below…

Indeed The Lost Weekendzzz won the audience vote prize and a guy called Alex Hendrickson got the Staff Pic. They were my second vote and as it turns out were the second most popular audience choice. His songs were really great and he’ll be a definite contender for the final in 6 weeks time.

As the place wasn’t packed out there was enough time for all the acts to go back up for another song or 4 minutes, whichever comes first. Paul’s introduction alone to The Lost Weekendzzz song was at least 4 mintues but they backed it up with another great tune, so I think they were forgiven.

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