Anti-Hoot – 2 June 2014

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I went along to Henry’s Cellar Bar for another night of Lach‘s Anti Hooting.

As I knew my set may have caused a bit of tension, I decided to go on first. That was probably a bad idea as during my Anti-Hoot Gig Gone Wrong set I was called a racist by an audience member.

Ok, shit happens. The audience member as it turned out, was an act who also ran a gig at Forest Cafe, although I didn’t get an invite to the open mic night he was promoting that night.

He left the building before I could discuss the issue at hand with him but returned later to perform a couple of songs. I was going to call him a ‘brainwashed zombie’ but I thought it may have caused even more tension and I didn’t want to upset the kind host of the evening.

You can catch a song he performed on the 5th video in the playlist below.


At the interval I went outside with Dan Collins for a rest from the tension and we ended up discussing politics. I think he was sympathetic to what I had to say but there was no getting away from the fact, the gig itself was a bit tense.

dan collins

Nicole Strachan who interviewed me for the Anti-Hoot magazine she produces called The Owl Nighter was there also and she performed a couple of songs on Guitar, instead of the Ukulele which I usually see her play.

nicole 3

Special word goes to Jonathan Hartley though who did diffuse some of the tension in the room by doing a rather good joke at my expense. Don’t worry, I’m a big boy I can handle uncomfortable truths, unlike some twats. 😉


Check out Jonathans set plus a few others from the night in the videos below.

The Photos


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