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Billy Ranting

Here is an introduction to this Gig at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh, which it has to be said, could have went better.

So with the General Election looming in Great Britain I thought I would let you see the video of when I told the audience at Henry’s Cellar Bar that “If you vote, you are a cunt!”

Yep, you can imagine how well that one went down and I spent the next 6 minutes trying to dig myself out of a deep dark comedy hole. Still I had a point and I stand by what I said, although I could have perhaps have been a bit more delicate in how I put it across.

You see, I made a joke about how I noticed that the workforce at the place where I worked was mostly Polish. This was not a racist statement, merely a matter of fact. I then said something about UKIP having the right idea to get rid of Lenny Henry and some fucking ‘do gooder’ arse wipe liberal in the crowd accused me of being racist!


I was going to enter into a debate with him about how I wasn’t, especially as I just told the crowd that I lived in Turkey for 7 years but he left the fucking building. Thus, leaving me with nowhere else to go but call the audience cunts if they vote which to me is still an all time comedy high but didn’t seem that way at the time. I did laugh about it for weeks afterwards though.

Here is why I think you are a cunt if you vote but I didn’t have time to express is this eloquently.

If you could handle the truths in that then perhaps this is ok for you too, as that was just a warm up. πŸ˜‰

If you can stomach some more, you can read Larken Rose’s book, The Most Dangerous Superstition in full here.

Most Dangerous Superstition

I hate the ‘if you don’t vote you can’t complain’ mentality and was trying to give people a wake up call that they are being shafted up the arse and that they are indeed acquiescent in their own slavery.

Still, as long as the football or the Big Fight is on, that’s the main thing.

football and beer

Really folks, in this day and age there really is no excuse for ignorance other than you being a lazy bastard.

Lazy Bastards

Never mind the fact that strictly speaking it is actually illegal to vote or to even use a Legal Name for that matter. That is just a little inconvenient truth we would all like to bury and forget about it, isn’t it?

Legal Name Fraud

I mean, you going into a booth and putting a Hex on a piece of paper every four years, really means you have a big say in how the country,which is in fact a corporation, is run. You really do have a voice, honest, would they lie to you?

Here’s how I’ll be voting again this year.


Voting to me is even more retarded than celebrating the birth of of a so-called Royal baby. I mean, what exactly happened to it’s would have been Grandmother? Need I say more?


Of course though, I have been called a Conspiracy Theorist more than once before. I will say this though, I do think that the system is there for a reason. It has had a job to do in managing people because basically people do need managed.

Unfortunately, there are not enough individuals on this planet awake enough yet that we can do away with government. The whole point of not voting is to make people realise that they have to become responsible for themselves and each other and then the need for a Nanny State will disappear.

It is up to us to claim our Soverienty and in these times of Revelation we each have a choice to make. Are you going to continue to be a cunt or are you going to lift your head out the sand and take that fucking government didlo out of your arse? It’s a tough one, I know.

Blue Pill Red Pill

It’s not easy being the nail that sticks out you know, I could do with some company.

refuse to acquiesce

Here are the notes I made before going along to the gig that evening. I was a bit apprehensive before the gig and perhaps that affected my performance.

Anti-Hoot Gig Notes

I am away for the Superhoot – so I am not in this competition which suits me fine as I hate competitions – mainly because I never win.

I spend Β£30 to come here and try and win Β£25. I was never good at maths.

I lived in Turkey for 7 years but I had to return cause I couldn’t get a job.

I did have a job teaching English to Muslim school children but I go the sack when I told them how good Bacon tasted.

I also complained about the call to prayer loudspeaker that goes off 5 times a day. The first one being at 5am! And it is right outside my apartment. Most of my Turkish friends don’t like it either but they are not allowed to say that out loud.

I was thinking of setting up a big loudspeaker and singing into that 5 times a day just to see how quickly I would end up in a Turkish Jail. Mainly because my Neighbours would complain about my voice but some of those call to prayer guys aren’t that tuneful either.

I couldn’t get any other job because there is a law there that if a Turkish person can do the job then they get the job before the foreigner. ‘Fair enough’ they look after their own, I don’t have a problem with that.

I was surprised I got a job teaching English because a lot of Turks speak better English than I do. My English friends had trouble understanding me most of the time.

So I came back to Scotland and I got a job in a food factory. I went to work in the morning and sat in the canteen before the shift started and thought I’d teleported to Poland!

It was totally unreal.
Not one person was speaking English.
I mean I am not racist in any way….but I did vote for UKIP….but that was mainly just to get rid of Lenny Henry.
Has he gone yet?
I hope so. The French had the right idea. Well, Dawn French that is.

Why is it deemed really racist if you say Black Bastard but not nearly as racist if you say White Bastard??

Personally I don’t mind if they call me a White Bastard- call me anything you want as I realise that it is just a noise and it can’t actually harm me.

I was joking by the way, I didn’t vote.
See if it was up to me I’d take all you voters outside and have you shot.
What you do when you vote is basically give away your authority to criminal insane psychopaths to use brute force and violence to control me.
Now if I disobey any measly little law I can be locked up and put in a cage, thanks to you.

Then you get all the halfwit voters saying ‘Thanks to all you non- voters we good slaves have to put up with UKIP getting seats.’

Well, you can’t have it both ways can you? So fuck you.

I hope UKIP steam rolls the next election. I hope they win every seat going and it that means putting every person with brown skin on a boat back to where their distant ancestors come from then so be it. That’s what you want isn’t it? Democracy?

It may help to stop the white genocide that is going on. Cause our illustrious leaders don’t want a strong indigenous white population – we’re easier to control if we have different factions within society.

You may have bought the we’re all one new-age bullshit but I haven’t.

We are all different – that’s just a fact. Black men have BBC’s for a start.

They are here to steal our white women and we are trained to love it via cuckold porn sites.

Then the voters call the non-voters apathetic. We’re apathetic cause we don’t want to aid and abet our own slavery!!!

Whereas once every 4 years – you drag your rotting corpse to a voting both to vote for psychopathic criminals who hung about with Jimmy Saville who procured children for them to rape, then burn and eat!
Yeah, then you go and vote for them.

‘Where do I put the X?’
On my head, on my arm? I know there is an X somewhere, I can remember that cause I watch the X Factor. Ooops I put it in the UKIP box by mistake – don’t tell anyone’

That’s why they got 4.3 million votes – people fucked it up and then didn’t want to make a fuss – as is the British way.

Strong White Nation gave us the Magna Carta – Bill of Rights

Polish people are victims – they don’t want to leave their families – again it is the quest for money that makes them come here and so when they earn Β£6 an hour they think it is brilliant!

I am sick to death of seeing Jimmy Savilles face and videos everywhere.

Even today on the BBC (British Brainwashing Cunts) website – the reported number of abuse has reached 500 – there is going to be an enquiry to see how he managed to do it for so long.

That’s obvious – apart from the fact the BBC knew and were 100% in coherence Jimmy Saville was also a Wizard. He had a magic spell – Now Then – Now Then – Now Then – He had a wand – His Cigar – and he used to wear a Cape – FFS!

These politicians and Bankers that control our lives are literally working for Lucifer. It goes way back in History.

Who believes in Darwins theory of Evolution?
What about the Missing Link?
Can’t explain that eh.

Who believes in Creationism? Only nutjobs believe in that eh?

The answer is somewhere in the middle. In the Sumerian texts it tells us that man was created by not God but by THE GODS.

There was one in particular called Enki – who is represented by the serpent. He was a serpent like creature himself.

Our genes have been altered. We were created as slaves to mine for Gold and Enki – offered us the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge – which was probably a psychoactive mushroom – Aminita Muscaria which grows on the roots of Fir Trees and which explains a lot of the Xmas Mythology. But some of us started having Sex for Pleasure – The Gods wanted to control our society – But Enki’s brother, Enil put a Rebel Gene in there – We got banished from the Garden of Eden.

Some stayed – Battle still going on – The Gods left but put their chosen people in there as Pharaohs and Kings and that Bloodline has been controlling us ever since.

They want to put a microchip in as the final part of the New World Order agenda. The question is are we going to wake up out of our slumber and take control of our lives – switch on the Junk DNA and evolve beyond their sphere of control or are we gonna bend over and take it up the ass forevermore?

I know some people like that but I am talking metaphorically.

The Gig

So that was the notes, here is the gig…….strap yourself in for this one. πŸ˜‰

Let me say though, that the audience in Yesbar in Glasgow got the joke and even laughed at the right bit so kudos to them.

You see, the joke is I only wanted to get rid of Lenny Henry because I think he is a shit comedian, it was that prick in the audience who assumed it was because he was Black.

I used the line ‘I’m not Racist but…..’ as a set up. I know full well that most people who say that, the next thing they say is racist. Maybe I should stick to Nob jokes. πŸ˜‰

Here’s the rest of the acts trying manfully to lift the energy in the room again. Look our for Jonathan Hartley’s performance. He done a joke about me, which I thought rather good.

Lach did say say at one point “Note to self, never let Billy Watson go onstage first again”

Fair play to Lach though he did also point out that they are only words and people should have let me finish without rudely butting in and he said I was welcome back too. πŸ™‚

In my next gig update I will post that gig and you’ll see how I tried to put some closure on this one. πŸ™‚




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