Aspendos Opera Night

My friend Ceyda wanted to go to see an Opera at Aspendos Theatre so I took my girlfriend Evgeniya, my son and also invited another friend Emily along, as we could all fit nicely into Ceyda’s car.

Before we met Ceyda, Evegeniya treated my son and I to some Ice Cream. It was super tasty and colourful!

Aspendos Opera Trip (4)

When we arrived at the Theatre there was still a bit of time before the show started and the Ladies were hungry so we walked along the road a bit and found a place that sold Gözleme, which went down a treat.


The seats are made of concrete so I bought a cushion for my son to sit on from a guy selling them outside the arena. However, I left it in the aforementioned Gözleme cafe, which wasn’t too clever at all really as it had cost me 2TL!

aspendos opera

I was trying to get my son to appreciate just how old the ampitheatre is and explained to him they used to feed little boys to the Lions in there, well, if they misbehaved during an Opera anyway.

Aspendos Opera Trip (23)

We bought the cheapest seats they had but sat in the most expensive ones as no-one was really paying that much attention. Well, you’ve got to haven’t you? The good news was there was padded seats for everyone and I didn’t need to give any guy outside any dosh for the cushion.


I enjoyed the Opera very much and my son even managed to sit through it without complaining too much. They sang in different languages throughout the show which was quite interesting.


Evgeniya wrote a blog about it and you can read her version of the night below……

On Wednesday we went to watch an opera in Aspendos amphitheatre. It was a nice 3 acts show accompanied by a lovely orchestra. The name of opera was DIE ENTFÜHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL and it was performed by Ankara State Opera and Ballet.

The actors sang in Turkish, German and English, and I even heard some French as well but what impressed me the most was that they never used ANY loudspeaker on the stage! The acoustics of the place is so amazing that even spectators sitting far away from the stage could hear every word of actors!

It’s really worth visiting event! The festival is over on the 2nd of July, so u still have chance to see famous SWAN LAKE and TOSCA. And those who are not big fans of opera and ballet still can enjoy the fantastic night view of the best preserved amphitheatre in the world or simply have a cup of Turkish tea with gozleme watching a beautiful sunset in the mountains.

Here are some advice for those of you thinking about visiting the place:

1. Tickets. There are different priced tickets available. The price starts from 30 TL and depends on the sector of seats. We bought the cheapest tickets but there was no one to check them (tickets are checked only in the entrance) so we chose seats we wanted to sit in. 🙂

2. Cushions. There’s a guy selling cushions just in front of the entrance, 2 TL each, which is quite high price for a small piece of foam-rubber. We bought one for Ellis and he forgot it in the cafe! But when we entered the place, we discovered that cushions were already included in the price of tickets! So, don’t waste your money!

3. Transportation. It’s better to come by car (as we did, big Thanks to Ceyda who was our driver and even provided us a lift back home so we didn’t have to search for the taxi in the middle of the night) as the show finishes quite late, something about midnight and there was no public transportation.

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