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King Bar Quiz Night – 4/10/14

There used to be a regular quiz night held in Antalya but the guy who ran it moved to China. I volunteered to take it over and started it in King Bar.

Night Out with Mr Turkey Central

I went for a night out with Ken, the owner of Turkey Central Website and we ended up in Road House bar then King Bar. Yeah, one of those nights.

Sports with Alper and Alison

I hadn't beaten Alper at Pool for a while so we went to the Pool Hall to make me feel better. The table tennis also helped.

Birthday Party and Sports

It was Saturday night and Alper and I were going to play football and we went to the Tenpin Bowling arcade to play some Pool and Table Tennis beforehand.

Banu and Rob’s Leaving Party

Banu and Rob who run the Antalya Expats Social Group have decided to move to Rob's homeland of Canada, so of course there was a big turn out for their leaving do.