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Video Blog – 24/3/14

I noticed a bedspread of Betty Boop for a young girl and so talk a little bit about the early sexulisation of children.

Superonline Modem Fiasco

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I explain the dealings I had with Superonline and their lawyers regarding the returning of a modem and the fines they imposed.

Video Blog – 23/3/14

I was killing some time before picking my son up from school so as I had my camera at the beach I recorded a spontaneous video blog.

King Bar Quiz – March 20th

I hosted another Quiz night at King Bar in Antalya. It was a fun evening but as the turn out was pretty small I decided it would be the last weekly quiz night.

First Swim of the Year

The Sun has started to appear a bit more regularly in Antalya so as I have missed swimming in the Sea I decided to go there one morning to test out the temperature

Surprise Birthday Party and Quiz

Eda had organised a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Göksay at Bar Duck in Lara. I went there before dashing back to King Bar to do the quiz.