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King Bar Quiz Night – 14/11/14

I was due to host another quiz but it was absoultely pouring down. Still, I went along and only a few people turned up. So we had a drink and a chat instead.

Antalya Rain River Street

When it rains in Antalya, it pours from the heavens. The drainage system isn't the best so some streets can get flooded very quickly.

King Bar Quiz and Karaoke Night – 7/11/15

Another Friday night, another quiz. The Expats get together to see who can remember useless facts the best.

Lara Beach Barbeque 2

My friend Ferhan organised one of his regular barbeques at Lara Beach, close to his home but far away from mine. Still, it was worth the trip.

Halloween Quiz Party

Halloween fell on quiz night so we had a Halloween Quiz followed by some Karaoke. A good turn out and a great party.