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Pool and Games Night – 11/3/15

I arranged a Pool and Games Night at the local Tenpin Bowling Alley in Konyaalti, Antalya with friends Alper, Alison and Dakota. A fun night was had by all.

Rock Heart in Khoffner Bar

I went along to Khoffner Bar in Konyaalti to check out my friend Rusty James play in his duo, Rock Heart. Afterwards we went upstairs for some Karaoke.

Antalya King Bar Restaurant

I had some time to kill in King Bar Restaurant so as I had my camera on me I looked around and found some interesting artefacts and took some photos of them.

Antalya Harbour Scene

I was waiting at King Bar to get my telephone charger and decided to take a walk around Antalya Harbour until someone showed up to open the bar.

Antalya International Woman’s Day

It was International Women's Day and I happened to be in Antalya and I noticed that there was a big celebration going on, so I took some photos of the scene.

Antalya Local Cafe with Aynur

This is just a short blog about a local cafe and also a public announcement that if you are just recovering from the cold, you shouldn't drink.