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Paul Sykes Professional Photaes

Paul Sykes followed Nob around Edinburgh one day during the festival. Together, with the help of a few other performers they conjured up over 200 photos.

Kaleiçi Nicht Oot

Nob organised another gig in Kaleiçi in Antalya and again it got cancelled due to no-one turning up. Maybe he should have advertised it, that may have helped.

Turkish Henna Karaoke Party

Nob was asked to DJ and to host a Karaoke Party for his freind Esra who was having her Henna Party in King Bar on the Friday Night.

St Patricks Night in Antalya

Nob got invited out on St Patricks Night but he had no money. That didn't stop him getting absolutely hammered and dancing the night away though.

Raven Pub Non Event

Nob Stewart booked himself in to play a gig at Raven Pub in the centre of Kaleiçi in Antalya. It was just a pity that the 20 people who said they were coming...didn't.

Termessos Tour

Nob and Natasha paid a visit to the ancient town of Termessos which was the only place in the Antalya region that not conquered by Alexander the Great.

Kemer Tour

Nob Stewart was travelling back from Olympos to Antalya with his girlfriend Natasha and he stopped off in Kemer to get something to eat.

Olympos Tour

Nob Stewart went with his girlfriend Natasha to the ancient town of Olympos in the Antalya region of Turkey. They done a tour of the ruins and went skinny dipping.

Phaselis Tour

Nob Stewart took his Russian girlfriend Natasha to the ancient town called Phaselis which sits on the coastline of the Antalya region.
Nob in Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz Trip (day two)

Nob Stewart goes out to Hisaronu nightclubs and causes his usual mayhem and madness to occur all around him.