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Karaoke In The Garage

Child A’ Luv Ye Change At Xmas For A Dancer Hey Judy This Is Tae Mother Ye Nothing Compares 2 U Power to the People Thank You For Hearing Me Cheers the noo! Nob

Footlights Bar Gig 8/12/13

Nob Stewart performed a comedy gig at Footlights Bar in Edinburgh. He got stoned before going on stage and recited 3 poems to make up for his lack of jokes.


Nob Stewart sings his version of The Beatles tune Yesterday in which he relates how horny he was that day.
Anti-hoot Dec 2

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 2/12/13

Nob Stewart went along to Footlights Bar in Edinburgh to perform a gig but no audience turned up. He then went along to Lach's Anti-Hoot and performed there

Psychotic Reaction

Nob Stewart introduces one of his favourite songs, a 1960's garage classic by The Count Five.
Jim Rose Circus

The Jim Rose Circus

Nob Stewart recites a poem about the time he went to the Jim Rose Circus Show at the Edinburgh Festival and ended up stealing the show.