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Nob in Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz Trip (day one)

Nob Stewart pays a visit to Ölü Deniz and Hisaronu with his Russian girlfriend Natasha. They go to the beach, sing on Karaoke and even dance on the bar tops.

Fethiye Trip (day two)

Nob Stewart's second day in Fethiye where he goes back to Calis Beach bar, The Bus Stop, to perform Suzie Hay and (No) Big Erection on the Karaoke.

Fethiye Trip (part one)

Nob Stewart paid a visit to Fethiye in Turkey with his Russian Girlfriend Natasha. They got drunk and Nob sang Suspicious Mind on the Karaoke.
Birds Nest

Birds Nest

Nob Stewart had a birds nest in his apartment veranda and he wrote a blog and made a video about it.
Moriarty Nob

Nob at Moriarty Bar 13/4/14

Nob Stewart went to Moriarty Bar in Edinburgh to perform a couple of poems. He should know that they work better in a caberet night rather than comedy night
Park Exercises

Park Excercises

Nob Stewart goes the local park to use the exercise machines and ended up getting more than he bargained for.
Early Evening Caberet

Henry’s Early Evening Caberet 2/4/14

Nob Stewart got invited to perform at Henry's Early Evening Caberet at Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh. He performed Porn Addict and sung Suzie Hay.
Gettin Spanky

Gettin’ Spanky

Nob Stewart goes to the beach to dance along and make a video to a Barefoot Doctor song called Get Spanky.
Beach Madness

Beach Madness

Nob Stewart goes to the Beach with two female friends and ends up getting stones thrown at him by a group of angry Turkish women.
Nob In The Basement

Nob In The Basement

Nob Stewart performs in a Basement in a bar in Glasgow. He tells humorous stories of his trips to Kenya and Amsterdam.