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Bannermans in Edinburgh

So after meeting Dougie and Jimbo from The Media Whores at The Grangemouth Tavern on the Friday, I promised that I would go through to see them and The Bermondsey Joyriders again at Bannermans in Edinburgh on the Sunday.

This was no great hardship as I loved both bands but Dougie had challenged me to an outrageous clothes competition so I had to think what to wear. In honour of The Bermondsey Joyriders I put my Tartan trousers on and the rest of my outfit fell into place. There was only gonna be one winner of that particular challenge.

It was my first time back in Edinburgh since returning to Scotland and I love even just the smell of the city. It was much quieter than when I left it last time in August at the end of the Festival and in fact can be quite eery, which I also love.

Aaron Wright

They told me the gig started at 8pm and I got there for about quarter to eight. As usual though, these things never start on time but fortunately there was entertainment on in the main bar area. As I was getting my Guinness I heard the guy on stage introduce himself and start his set with Maggie May.

After a couple of lines I knew I needed a recording of it as it was done in a very heartfelt way that was really bringing out something that I never heard in the song before, so I got my camera out and started filming. At the end of the song, he said ‘I take it you are a Rod Stewart fan. I can tell by your Tartan Trousers.’

I went up and said ‘Actually mate, I do a comedy act called Nob Stewart which came about through me entering a Karaoke competition and changing the words of Maggie May to Suzie Hay and making them very explicitly about a prostitute. I have just retrurned to Scotland after living in Turkey for 7 years and this is my first night out in Edinburgh. I was thrilled to hear you start with that song.’

He said ‘Ok.’

I guess there is not much else you can say to that eh? Especailly if you have almost a full set still to perform. So I took a seat on one of the incredibly comfy leather sofa’s and settled in for it.

It turns out that his name is Aaron Wright and he is a fine songwriter in his own right. He was augmented well by another guitarist and together they put on a good show. They were going to stop after about 5 songs but I shouted for more and they played another couple.

Billy and Aaron Wright

I really liked his style. Kind of laid back but very heartfelt and the lyrics were done in the way a lot of country songs are written, almost like it is talking everyday language, yet still poetic at the same time.

Aarons Album

Check out some of the songs from Aaron’s first album. 🙂

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

When he finished I went outside for a short while and when there I met Martin, the bass player from The Bermondsey Joyriders, who was there with a beautiful lady with bright Red hair and red glittery lipstick.

I asked Martin how the gig in Glasgow went the night before and what he thought of Scotland. He said the gig was good but there wasn’t too many people there, maybe because The Cult and Marky Ramone were also playing in Glasgow that night.

He asked where I lived and I told him Bo’ness. He had actually heard of this because after playing the gig in Grangemouth the other night the band took a drive through the chemical factory there and when you get to the other end of it there is a sign for Bo’ness.

He said he enjoyed the factory scene and it was quite an experience to drive through it. I laughed at the thought of it being a tourist attraction but I could see his point.

The lady said that if you go up the hill and look down on it, it looks exactly like the opening scene from Blade Runner. She is English too but came up to Scotland to study when she was around 20 I think and liked the country so much she decided to stay.

It was at this point that something clicked inside me and I said ‘Ah, you’re the Dancer’.

The reason I knew this was because the in charge of the Twitter account for the band told me that day that they would have a special guest that night, their own dancer and by my amazing powers of deduction, given that she had an incredibly sexy outfit on as well, I realised who she was.

Then the rain got heavier and we went inside.

The gig started late because they were having some equipment problems so I got chatting to a few people in the bar. I had to get my photo with this guy as I told him that’s what my hair will look like when it eventually gets long. I told him why I wear the bandana and he said ‘Yeah, everyone has to go through the shit stage’. Indeed.

Billy and Hairy Pal

I then went through to the bunker room where the bands would be playing. As I was sat there a staff member came up to me and asked me for money. I gave him my ticket which I had purchased from Jimbo earlier at a slightly reduced price, basically knocking off the bands cut. He also gave me a copy of their new album Pornophonica which I will review on this site in a couple of days.

The staff member then asked me to hold my hand out so he could give me a marking to show I had paid my entry fee. I said ‘Given how I am dressed, do you not think you’ll be able to remember me?’

Billy and The Cross

I had a quick chat with Jimbo before the show. I realised that the place was going to be fairly empty and not a lot of people were going to be standing down the front. I asked if he minded if I film close up and he said no problem. I then thought I’d better ask if he minds me dancing, cause I know that sometimes if a song kicks off and I feel like grooving then there is no stopping me. He said ‘Don’t worry, do what you want. We are the type of band who thrives on audience reaction.’ Cool.

Because of the equipment problems they had to cut a few songs from their set so they could meet the curfew requirements but they played most of the songs that I heard on Friday night. I enjoyed them even more this time as I was familiar with them and when the song ‘Come and Have It’ came on, that was me away, dancing like crazy down the front.

I was filming the gig and put my camcorder on a shelf but after the song finished I returned to it to discover a major problem with it that I hadn’t seen before. Shit. I had promised to film the full set for both bands and now I had equipment problems. The Gremlins were in Bannermans that night for sure.

I discovered that if I held the camera it worked ok but if I put it on the shelf at the side then the vibrations or something got to it and fucked it up. My main concern was not so much getting the full set of the band but on capturing the dancer when she appeared. Going by her outfit I knew it was going to be good.

She was introduced by the band and I prayed my camera would hold out. Her name is Scarlett Flame and she is a Burlesque dancer of some reknown in the caberet world and indeed she put on a great show and my camera held out. The sound quality isn’t great though, so I guess I may need to invest in a new one at some point. Still, you don’t need ears to appreciate Scarlett. 😉

Scarlett Flame Dance

If you enjoyed that and would like to see more, she puts on regular show in Stirling which you can find details of on her Facebook page.

I managed to get a few more songs from the band but was really torn between dancing and filming. I didn’t want to get in the way of the band too much anyway, so I nodded my head enthusiastically as I sat on my stool and videod.

Media Whores

After they had finished playing I got talking to Ally, who told me he was the general dogsbody for the band and that he was the one who I had been chatting to on Twitter. He was wondering why I hadn’t kept dancing and I explained the camera issue.

He then asked me if I was involved in the fight on Friday night and I told him the story. He said, that I am obviously a bit different to the local crowd there and they thought I may have been getting grief because of that. Apparently, the bands were ready to step in on my behalf if I was in any danger, which I thought was pretty cool.

Billy and Ally

I then noticed that Scarlett was about to leave so I had to grab her for a quick photo.

Billy and Scarlett Flame

I wish I had more time to chat to her as she seemed lovely. Never mind though, she appears on the cover of the album so I can drool over that instead.

Scarlett Flame on the Best Album Cover since Electric Ladyland

Then Gary from the Bermondsey Joyriders appeared. As I was talking to him Dougie, the bass player from the Media Whores, came up to us proudly holding his bass. Apparently it’s a cracker that someone famous also plays, but I can’t remember who. I took his photo with his baby anyway.

Dougie and his Bass

Gary told me that is has a particularly nice deep sound. Cool.

He also told me that he had been suffering from toothache all day and wasn’t 100% in the mood to gig but he was well enough to get through it after taking some pain killers.

I had to get my photo with his hat on as it is an absolute peach. I dug my coloured number out my bag for him and wished him well for the gig.

Billy and Gary with Hats On!

Ally had told me on Twitter that I could repeat my cameo performance for the Johnny Thunders song but I never confirmed this with Gary, I would just play that one by ear.

The Bermondsey Joyriders are great live but this one was spoiled a little bit with microphone issues. We could hardly hear Gary’s vocals and he wasn’t too happy about it. Still, I was enjoying it immensely and as the sound wasn’t great I didn’t think it necessary to get all their set so ended up dancing more than filming.

Then the Johnny Thunders song came on. I didn’t know if I would repeat my performance from the other night. Sometimes things happen in the moment which can’t be repeated but I handed my camera to a girl who was standing beside me and asked if she would mind filming.

Gary never slowed the song down to ask for audience participation this time, maybe because the room was a bit sparse, so I never joined in and just ended up dancing.

When I got back to the girl I explained why I asked her to film, just in case I ended up on stage. She was cool with that and we tried talking a bit but it was too loud.

So instead, I started dancing with her. She was a bit shy at first but I managed to coax her and we shook our booty for at least 3 songs of the highest calibre Rock’n’roll.

Bermondsey Joyriders

As the gig finished I told her I had to get my train in about 20 mintues which was a shame as I would like to have gotten to know her better. I managed to get her name, Sabrina, and her phone number though and we arranged to meet the next night and I would take her to Lach’s open mic night at Henry’s Cellar Bar. Result.

Billy and Sabrina

The only problem was that she was from Germany and leaving Edinburgh on Tuesday and the next day she was going windsurfing at Dunbar beach so she couldn’t meet until 7pm. Fair enough.

I then had to run for the train and never had time to interview any other members of the bands. I had a quick chat with Dougie and asked him ‘Who won the outrageous clothes competition?’ He said, ‘Well, you win that every time.’

I had been outside earlier with Jimbo and he took a tongues out photo which he put on twitter with the hashtag #tonguesoutgang.

Billy and Jimbo of the #Tonguesoutgang

I said to Dougie that Craig wasn’t in the tongues out gang yet and so grabbed a quick one with those two. Then told them about Jimbo setting up the hashtag.

Billy, Dougie and Craig

Why I hadn’t thought of that until then is a mystery. I guess I’m not techno savvy enough yet.

With that, I had to dash for the train.

There was a lady ticket inspector who said ‘You’re very colourful’. I asked her if she wanted a photo with me but she pretended to be shy. As I got off the train I chased her down and got one anyway. I knew she wanted it really.

Billy and the Lovely Ticket Inspector

So another great night out was in the bag.

I’d like to thank all the member of The Media Whores and The Bermondsey Joyriders as well as Brian and Ally for being very cool and welcoming to me.

As I said, I have a copy of The Media Whores new album Pornophonica which I will review in the not too distant future, so stay tuned for that one.

The Photos


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