Barb Jungr – Queens Hall 2013

Edinburgh Festival Day 19 (28)

I had been to see Barb Jungr at the previous years Edinburgh Festival where I managed to video her show.

I saw that she was coming back during the festival again in 2013 and so asked her if she wanted me to film it again…..officially this time.

She said she would be delighted and arranged a ticket for me at the box office. In fact, she had organised two but I didn’t know that until I got there by which time it was too late to bring anyone.

As I was collecting my ticket I asked where it was located and was told it was in the 5th row. I explained that Barb wanted me to video the show and that it may be a little awkward to do it from there, for me and the people around me. So the staff had a quick discussion and decided it would be ok for me to go on the balcony to film it, thus giving it to me to use all by myself.

Billy on the Balcony of the Queens Hall

I had had a couple of beers so rather than put the camera on the ledge I hand held it for the duration of the gig. I didn’t want to risk it falling off and interrupting Barb’s flow…… or indeed injure an unsuspecting audience member. That wouldn’t have been good.

Barb Jungr at the Queens Hall

So apologies for some slightly shaky camera moments. The closer I zoomed the harder it was to hold the camera steady but I don’t think it detracts from Barb’s wonderful performance too much.

She was singing songs which were from her wonderful Stockport to Memphis album and you can view the whole concert in the playlist below.

Afterwards I hung around to let her know that I had successfully gained access and had got the footage and although she did have some friends waiting for me, she told me ‘You’re an Angel’ to which I replied, ‘It takes one to know one eh?’ 🙂

Billy and Barb

Although I sent her the full video not long afterwards it has taken me a while to go back to it to break it down to individual songs and in doing so and watching the concert back I particularly enjoyed Neil Youngs – Old Man, The Waterboys – Fishermans Blues and the Hank Williams song Lost on the River. Feel free to let me know your favourites in the comment section.

I have asked her if she is playing Edinburgh this August as it wouldn’t be the same without her now but at the moment it looks unlikely. If that changes I will be sure to post it on my facebook wall.

The Photos

She is releasing a new album called Hard Rain consisting of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen songs, which is a tip top combo in my opinion.

Here is a short film about the making of it. For the record I concur wholeheartedly with the sentiments she expressed in the interview sections of the video.

You can also find details of her shows and all things Barb at her website


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