Barb Jungr – Queens Hall 2012

Billy and Barb

I saw that Barb Jungr was going to play The Queens Hall during the Edinburgh Festival and more importantly (at the time) that she is a great interpreter of other people songs, including Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen among others, so I had to check her out on Youtube at least.

On going there I first viewed her version of the Dylan song Blind Willie McTell, which was enough to convince me to get a ticket.

The concert was nearly sold out but I was fortunate enough to get a single rogue ticket in the middle of the front row! Sometimes having no pals can be a good thing. 😉

I finished my own gig at 6.30pm and headed off to the venue where I arrived quite early for the 7.30pn start. In fact Henry Rollins, the performer of the previous show had not long finished and he was in the bar area signing autographs.

Even though I hadn”t been to his show I couldn”t resist being a little cheeky and asking him for an autograph.

Henry Rollins signed my Card

Although I was more interested in getting him to pose with me for a selfie as I like to document my festival days in photos. I did think that I was justified in asking him as I had been to see him about 10 years previously in The Usher Hall, so I was technically a fan and not just a famous person photograph opportunist.

I did actually explain this to him and mentioned that I enjoyed his Trans-Siberian Railway story and he named me the exact tour and year.

You can view it here.

I have to say I don’t think I have been around someone with an aura of that intensity. Still, he was pleasant enough and was impressed when I took the selfie that we were both dead centre. I told him practice makes perfect. 😉

Billy Watson with Henry Rollins

So then I got a beer and waited until it was time for Barb. While sitting at a table a guy with two younger women were looking for a seat so I invited them to join me at the table. It turns out they were from South Queensferry which was the place where I was brought up, so we had some common ground. It was actually the father who was a fan of Barb and was bringing his daughters along in a bid to educate them in the ways of good music, not for the first time I was told.

Barb was about to start and so we said our goodbyes and headed through to the concert hall, where it turned out they were sitting in the seats beside me. Here’s the view behind us as the Hall filled up.

Queens Hall

We had a chuckle at how fate had arranged our seats together and then I pulled out my video camera and told them I was going to try and inconspicuously film Barb by holding the camera in my lap. Thankfully the security levels at the Queens Hall are not as Orwellian as some other venues these days. Basically it was too good an opportunity not to make use of it but that is why I am not using the zoom too much but rather just held the camera in the general direction of the stage. I think it came out alright considering that.

After the show I wanted to tell Barb that I had videoed her and ask her if she wanted me to send her a copy. As I waited for her to appear in the bar area I saw the comedian David Mills who I had seen hosting The Malcolm Hardee Award Show the previous year so I went up and introduced myself to him.

Billy Watson and David Mills

I explained that my alter ego Nob Stewart was the nutter who jumped on stage univited at the end of the show to dance as Frank Sanazi sung a song. I didn’t get my member out though (as was a Malcolm Hardee tradition) as Puppetry of the Penis had been on and they are a tough act to follow in that department but I did pull my trousers down to reveal slightly amusing Boxer Shorts.

Nob & Frank Sanazi on Stage

Anyway, he told me that he was a friend of Barb’s as he had interviewed her on his radio show in London so when they got chatting he introduced me to the lovely lady who is Barb. I told Barb that alongside Emmylou Harris and Sinead O’Connor that it was the best female vocal performance I have ever been witnessed to. I thought she was amazing and I had goose-pimples several times during the show.

The Queensferry daughters were also mightily impressed as I am sure was everyone who witnessed her fantastic performance. I was delighted I had made the decision to go and it was nice to make contact with Barb afterwards as well, as she kindly allowed me to post the videos online.

The Photos

For more information about Barb and her upcoming releases and show check out her website at

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