Video Blog – 12/10/13

Empower Network Introduction

I have recently moved from Antalya in Turkey back home to Scotland to live with my Mother until I can find a way to get my own place.

I have the option of trying to find what I call a ‘slave job’ or I can believe in myself and use what skills and talents I have to make a go at starting a business for myself. My Mother wants me to do the former as quickly as possible. Probably so that I’ll get enough money together to move into my own place as quickly as possible.

It was my plan to come back here and get a job but just before I came I learned about a blogging system that Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe of Empower Network have set up and was very impressed was also impressed with their leadership.

Therefore I have decided to embrace the opportunity and stick to my belief that there has to be a way to make money without selling your soul although time would appear to be running out on that philosophy.

The blogging system makes it very easy for anyone to start blogging and it allows you to control who can see the posts as well as some other benefits which I will explain if you are interested in using it.

I am going to duplicate the video blogs that I make for it on this website but I will be sharing more of what the system and business can do for you on the empower network blog.

I will be sharing my daily thoughts in these video blogs and putting links to any of the things that I mention that may need some backing up. I read a lot of so called ‘conspiracy’ stuff and not everything I say will be 100% accurate. I am more interested in just sharing my thoughts and if it sparks an interest in you then you can investigate more for yourself.

There is no-one coming to save us but ourselves and the obstacles and challenges that we face are just there as tools to help us grow. Due to my life experiences I reckon I have gained at least a little wisdom over the years and I want to share that with you in order to help you and indeed myself attain a better way of living on the planet. You can but dream.

So, in this first video I talk about….

Why I am Starting this site?
Make money while not being a slave.
Find out who you are and offer that to world and get compensated for your efforts.
I got challenged to an outrageous clothes competition.
How does Russell Brand get that platform?
We could vote on any issue online so technically we don’t need representatives like we used to.
When will enough be enough?
We need to govern ourselves.
I also talk about the Ineos Oil Refinery and how management have total control over workforce.
We have to face ourselves and come to terms with ourlelves and then share our growth so that others can do the same.
There is a total War on humanity’s consciousness.
We could use TV to educate ourselves.
Empower Network makes it easy to blog and to make money.

I hope it and if you feel like leaving a comment then feel free….


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