Video Blog 30/10/13

Empower Network VBlog - 30/10/13

In this vblog I talk about 3 crazy nights out I have had since being back in Scotland.

The first one being in the Grangemouth Tavern where I saw The Media Whores and The Bermondsey Joyriders. I then went to see them in Bannermans two days later and caught Aaron Wright performing in the bar are while I was there.

Then the night after that I went to Lach’s Anti-hoot where I saw the wonderful Leanne Smith perform two songs for which she brought a guitar specifically for each one.

Then I talk about living in Bo’ness and trying to get a council house before going
on to chat about Russell Brand. I am not a fan of his but at least he gets people talking about the possibility of a different way of living.

I prefer listening to people like Larken RoseKate of Gaia, Jan Irvin, Tragedy and Hope (Not Hope and Glory which I say in the video) and Mark Passio.

I then bring up the notion that Rock’n’Roll was a creation by the Elite and that psychedelics have been used to control populations for a long time.

At the end I ask you if there is anything in particular you would like to see me do.

I am open to suggestions. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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