Blind Poetics and Lach’s Anti-Hoot – 14/4/14

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Billy at Blind Poetics

Blind Poetics

I had submitted a poem to be considered for the Blind Poetics quarterly pamphlet which I was delighted to discover had been accepted but hadn’t managed to make it along to one of their monthly events to pick up a copy. I thought it was about time I did that, but also wanted to take up the last opportunity I had to enter the Anti-hoot before the Superhoot final the next night.

I got to the venue, The Blind Poet, early and picked up the pamphlet and asked Alec to put me on near the start. He explained that that was their policy, the ones who turn up early get on in the first half. When he announced the running order I was happy to discover he put me on first, which would allow me to shoot across town for the Anti-hoot.

Before I got on though, Alec Beattie opened the evening by performing a really funny poem about funding for which he had applied and got turned down from, from Creative Scotland.

Alec Beattie

I only caught the tail end of it on video but wished I captured it all as I would have loved to have posted it here.

However, I did get the second part of his set in which you can view here.

The evening is getting more and more popular so an email was sent out to the open micers that asked them to keep their sets to a maximum of 4 minutes to allow as many people as possible to perform. Because of this I didn’t introduce my first poem but rather dived right into From A Tramp To A King. If I did have time to introduce it I would have mentioned that it was based loosely on the life of the Buddha. I then performed the poem that was in the pamphlet, Falling and left the stage as it turned out, nearly exactly 4 minutes after getting on it. Yay!

I stayed for the next act but was worried that I would miss the opportunity of entering the anti-hoot so although I felt a bit bad about doing so, I left and ran across town to Henry’s Cellar Bar.

The Anti-Hoot

Fortunately I made it on time and Lach put me on the list, I was to be last on. I never had much battery power left so I had to resist filming the other acts, which is something I usually do like to do.

I did regret not filming The Mattoid though because his act cracked me up.

The Mattoid

Lach introduced him as an old Finnish friend from the New York scene and whether that is true or not, I don’t know but his performance was killer.

He basically performed the song here for 8 minutes but all the while complaining about the feedback from the speakers and getting the crowd to singalong.

He then finished with the most brilliantly shit but epic guitar solo. A real one-off kind of act and one that makes these kind of open mic nights so enjoyable.

Although I had seen and indeed videoed Greg Dodgon performing this song at a previous Anti-hoot, I had to put the camera on for it again for the song deals with the death of someone I admire very much, the conspiracy researcher William Cooper.

Greg Dodgson

Elyssa of Elyssa Vulpes and The Betes Noir has the kind of look about her that you know she is going to be good.

Elyssa Vulpes and The Betes Noir

I believe she is from Italy and after the first song it was obvious that she would be going through to the Superhoot final. I think this is the second song they performed that evening.

I have seen Graeme Mearns perform a few times at the Anti-hoot and he put on another fine show this evening.

Graeme Mearns

He finished his set with one of my favourites of his, ‘I Can’t Believe I Fell In Love With You’, which you can view the official video of here.

I was last on that evening and immediately followed Graeme. As usual I don’t plan my set too much and just kind of wing it.

Billy at the Anti-Hoot!

I started of by referring to Graeme’s song above and then before I knew it my 8 minutes was up.

As per usual, I didn’t qualify for the Superhoot but I was pleased that an audience member at the end said ‘I think you done great’. That is good enough for me. It turned out his name was Scott and he is a musician who also performs regularly at the Anti-hoot. I got talking to him a couple of weeks later about my performance. He offered me some constructive criticism which is always welcome.

So, another enjoyable evening at Henry’s and I was back the next night to video the Superhoot.

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