One Brick At A Time

So now the hard work begins
It is easy to get enthused
But more difficult to get at it
Every day
But when you have no other option
Then at least you know what to do
To build a wall
First you have to lay a brick
To build a good wall
Take care with every brick
Don’t rush
Don’t panic
Just keep putting bricks in place
Eventually you will have a wall
To be proud of
Follow others who are experts
They can get you there faster
If you learn by their mistakes
It is not rocket science after all
What I am doing is less pressure
Than performing comedy
Or even writing it
I now feel comfortable
In my own skin
I know this is right for me
Because I have been led to it
I would never have chosen it
But I have to follow it
I know there is something greater
In control of my destiny
And I chose to surrender to it
Let it guide me
To where I need to go
One brick at a time
Sweet Jesus!

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