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Video Blog – 7/10/15

Another cheery tale of woe. Cheers!

Video Blog – 5/10/15

In this video I talk about my crazy life. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Cheers Billy

Video Blog – 28/9/15

I was at the beach early one morning after taking my son to school at 7am, so I made a quick video blog.

Video Blog – 5/8/15

In this video I talk about fish biting my bites, my Wedding Day, meeting my Father in Law for first time, good to meet old friends, going to other bars after wedding.

Video Blog – 3/8/15

I talk about getting married tomorrow, going to Roar's apartment for drinks, King Bar visit and Roar's disappearance, sleeping on a doorstep, left my shoes at Roar's.

Video Blog – 23/7/15

In this video I talk about surviving the animators job, staying in a villa , singing mini-disco songs every morning, going for a dip in the pool.