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Vespbar 29 March 2014

Vespbar and Scottish Comedy Awards – 8/4/14

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I performed at Vespbar during the Glasgow Comedy Festival on the Saturday night and then went along to the Scottish Comedy Awards on the Monday.
Moriarty Gig

Moriarty Bar – 6/4/14

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I went along to Moriarty Bar in Edinburgh to perform a comedy set at 6pm on a Sunday Evening.
Anti Hoot 3/3/14

Anti-Hoot – 3/3/14

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I went along to another Anti-hoot at Henry's Cellar Bar.

Soapbox – 27/2/14

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I went along to an open mic poetry night at the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh and performed a poem about Scottish Independence as well as videoing all of the other performers.
Anti-Hoot 10/2/14

Lach’s Anti-hoot – 10/2/14

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Another great night at Lach's Anti-hoot.
Anti-Hoot with Lach

Lach’s Anti-Hoot – 3/2/14

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I went along to Lach's Anti-hoot and recorded some of the performers including Calvin Arsenio and Harvey War Banger.