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The Owl Nighter

The Owl Nighter Interview

I was interviewed for the first edition of The Owl Nighter, a magazine dedicated to all things Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh.
Joe Hoare Interview

Joe Hoare (The Laughing Yogi) Interview

I interview Joe Hoare who is also known as The Laughing Yogi. He is an intuitive healer and author of a book co-written with the Barefoot Doctor. He also formed the Bristol Laughing Club.

Steve Light Interview

I interview Steve Light who suffered from Social Anxiety and now runs an organisation to help others overcome the same problem.
Patrick Monahan Interview

Patrick Monahan Interview

I interview the Winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny which was the biggest comedy competition ever on British Television.

Paul Daniels Interview

I interview the comedic magician Paul Daniels about his work and life in general.