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Fethiye Trip (part one)

Nob Stewart paid a visit to Fethiye in Turkey with his Russian Girlfriend Natasha. They got drunk and Nob sang Suspicious Mind on the Karaoke.
Birds Nest

Birds Nest

Nob Stewart had a birds nest in his apartment veranda and he wrote a blog and made a video about it.
Park Exercises

Park Excercises

Nob Stewart goes the local park to use the exercise machines and ended up getting more than he bargained for.
Gettin Spanky

Gettin’ Spanky

Nob Stewart goes to the beach to dance along and make a video to a Barefoot Doctor song called Get Spanky.
Beach Madness

Beach Madness

Nob Stewart goes to the Beach with two female friends and ends up getting stones thrown at him by a group of angry Turkish women.
Adi Bar

Ma Last Nicht in Adi Bar

Nob Stewart paid a visit to Adi Bar one last time before it was to be shut down for good....or rather, bad.