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Fresh Faces

Nob Stewart performs a 10 minute set at Pivo bar for Danny Worthington's 'Fresh Faces' show at the Edinburgh Festival 2014.
Moriarty Nob

Nob at Moriarty Bar 13/4/14

Nob Stewart went to Moriarty Bar in Edinburgh to perform a couple of poems. He should know that they work better in a caberet night rather than comedy night
Early Evening Caberet

Henry’s Early Evening Caberet 2/4/14

Nob Stewart got invited to perform at Henry's Early Evening Caberet at Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh. He performed Porn Addict and sung Suzie Hay.
Nob In The Basement

Nob In The Basement

Nob Stewart performs in a Basement in a bar in Glasgow. He tells humorous stories of his trips to Kenya and Amsterdam.
Nob at Anti-Hoot!

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 20/1/14

A' returned tae Henry's Cellar Bar fur another stab at the Anti-hoot 500 open mic competition. Needless tae say a' didnae win.
Nob Footlights Bar

Footlights Bar 19/1/14

Nob Stewart goes back to Footlights Bar to perform a quick 5 minute set.