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Nob Today 3/2/16

Nobs Latest Nob Today.

Nob Today 19/5/15

Nob talks about another gig that didn't happen, how he is getting fat, internet marketers marketing to each other and brainwashing of kids through Rhianna.

Nob Today – 11/5/15

Nob chats about how he saved someone's life on the Beach, his motorbike accident, shape shifting reptillians and how he had to take some medicine.

Nob Today – 6/5/15

Nob talks about a motorcycle accident he was involved in and then goes on to chat about Feminine men and the so called 'Gay Agenda'.

Nob Today – 5/5/15

Nob talks about how he finished making love quickly so he could watch the Snooker. Then goes on to rant about Russell Brand changing his tune and telling people to vote.

Nob Today – 4/5/15

Nob Stewart talks about his health issues because of the incredibly poor diet he has and how his neighbour taunts him by sending photos of her doing Pilates on the beach.