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Nob Today – 28/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about Mark Devlin's post on Facebook about Russell Brand. A Religious Ritual in Nepal which kills 300,000 animals every 5 years.

Nob Today – 20/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about the 420 protest in glasgow and how they should free themselves first before trying to free the weed.

Nob Today – 19/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about a Karaoke night that he hosted that ended badly once he started to sing and how he lives off cheese sandwiches.

Nob Today – 17/4/15

Nob Stewart goes on a rant aboot governments, apathetic voters, nanotechnology and the sheeple in general.

Nob Today – 16/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about how he spams Twitter with his updates from his blog and how he got treated to a meal when he had no cash to buy any food for himself.

Nob Today – 14/4/15

Nob Stewart gives us his latest thoughts of the day where he talks about how nobody turned up for his gig and how the Earth is actually flat....maybe.