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Nob Today’s – 5-84

Nob Stewart recorded a lot of video blogs a few years ago and has collected them here in a playlist for your viewing pleasure....or pain. Take your pick.

Nob Today 4 – Drinking and Shagging

Nob Stewart talks about his two favourite subjects.

Nob Today 3 -Consoling My Friend

Nob Stewart talks about the death of the wife of a friend.

Nob Today 2.5 -Presidential Campaign

Nob Stewart gives us some opinions on politics. I don't think he's a fan.

Nob Stewart Today 2 – Human Evolution

Nob Stewart gives us his inspired thoughts about humans and our supposed evolution.

Nob Today 1 – Marital Sex

Nob Stewarts starts his regular daily blogs by talking about his sex life with his wife in his usual blunt direct manner.