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VBlog – 30/1/17

A video about my motorbike woes.

Billy Update

A Video Blog update from the beach.

So This Is Xmas

I record a video blog on Xmas Day.

Video Blog – 25/3/16

A video blog from the comfort of my own house...just for a change.

Video Blog – 9/3/16

A video blog from Konyaalti Beach.

Video Blog – 8/3/16

Yet another video blog from the bike on my way to get my son.

Video Blog 4/3/16

Another video blog from the bike.

Video Blog – 2/3/16

A couple of video blogs I recorded one morning. One at the beach and one on the bike.

Video Blog – 1/3/16

A blog from the bike and also one when I got home later that day.

Video Blog – 29/2/16

On my way to pick up my son again so I made a video blog. However, the wind is a bit noisy so my apologies for that.