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Video Blog – 28/11/13

I talk about focusing on Nob Stewart, Hitler and the Jesuit Order, Computer problems and walking my mothers dog.

Video Blog 27/11/13

I talk about the Carthage Empire, American Con-stitution and John Harris.

Video Blog 25/11/13

I talk about the Misty Morning, Oracle Songs and Long Term Approach.

Video Blog 24/11/13

I talk about a Hitler Documentary, Freeman in Court and New Age Bullshit.

Video Blog 23/11/13

I talk about my Google Profile, Dan Rather and Shoulder Devil

Video Blog 22/11/13

I talk about Bicarbonate Soda Cancer Cure, Collectivism and Bo'ness.

Video Blog 21/11/13

I talk about how Jackie did NOT kill JFK and Assassinations Template.

Video Blog 20/11/13

In this video I talk about The Black Pope and Wheat is The Devil's Grain.

Video Blog 19/11/13

I talk about The Jesuit Order, Jackie Kennedy killed JFK, Adele turns down L'oreal.

Video Blog – 18/11/13

I talk about Shaving the beard, Nob Stewart Performs and The Anti Hoot.