Ok, if ye want tae contact Nob fur any reason whitsover then this is the place tae dae it.

Ye may be a television booking or literary agent wishin' tae send some dolly dash ma way by gettin' me tae sign a lucrative contract.  Ye are a promoter ye may be wantin’ tae book Nob in fur some gigs at yer venue and as long as ye provide insurance then that should be aricht.

Ye are an aspirin’ superstar like masel, an' want tae send me some links fur me tae check oot yer stuff and as long as amnae busy pickin' ma beak that day, a' will check it oot. Christ a' may even share it on facebook, if a’ ‘hink yer any guid, obviously.

So, let us ken yer thoughts on ma site or even if ye jist want tae tell me a’m a waste ae space feel free tae get in contact although ye would be wastin’ yer time wi’ that comment as a’ hiv already dealt wi’ the fear ae whit other people ‘hink ae me due tae ma unique Zen practice ae makin’ a complete tit ae masel mare often than David Icke.

A’ should be able tae get back tae ye tae at least acknowledge yer message in 24 hoors but be patient if a’ dinnae cause a’ sometimes go on the odd 48 hoor bender, especially if ma mad pal Big Senga’s aroond.
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