Dennise Neilson Interview

Dennise Neilson Interview

First Interview

In the first interview I thought I would be smart and have Dennise’s Flute playing as a nice background music, which worked ok until around about halfway through when for some reason my voice stopped being recorded. She was doing most of the talking anyway so it doesn’t take away too much from the interview.

Second Interview

This one went more smoothly and I even managed a webcam recording.

Dennise Neilson or Dennise Two Spirit Sage Walker as she likes to be known is a very interesting human being.

Although she inhabits a male body, from an early age she recognised that something was not quite right with that scenario and had to face up to and come to terms with the fact that she picked up the wrong luggage at the baggage terminal. Onotherwords she feels she is a woman born in a mans body and they are known as Two Spirits.

People like this have existed throughout time and in many Culture’s of the past they were held in very high regard as teachers and spiritual advisers to whichever tribe they were belonged to. It is said that when the Conquerors from various parts of the world went into these tribes that they killed Two Spirits on sight.

These days in our Society we have lost touch with a lot of greater truths and some people would even look upon Two Spirits as Freaks but better a Freak than a Zombie is what I say. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dennise’s talents include Reiki, Counselling, Shamanic Healing and playing the Flute, most wonderfully I may add. What I really love most though is here writing. When she reads some of her work on her radio show it really just cuts through everything and hits me in a very deep spot. I would recommend it thoroughly.

At present Dennise is working with IsIS Maryjane Blackshear as part of the Sunke Temple Trust project. To find out more about that goto the website and download the Divine Mothers Sacred Spiritual Manuscript and be prepared for quite an eye opening read on many levels.

In a nutshell they believe the Hemp plant is the Tree of Life and the first Human Being, a woman called Isis and of whom Maryjane is either a reincarnation or a direct descendant, walked out of the Tree and onto the planet. The story of how this came to be and much more is explained in the ebooks.

I would go into that more but it is difficult to put into a few words but suffice to say that I think they are doing very important work and deserve as much support as we can give them.

Dennise Neilson

Feel free to leave any thoughts you may have and feel free to connect with Dennise on facebook as she is happy to meet new people at any time.

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