New bright dawns are appearing below
I can hear footsteps in the snow
Neurones vibrate at the speed of light
I can see with unlimited sight

Rainbows are appearing from deep dark holes
To illuminate life from pole to pole
Bullets insane tensified the night
To leave no lasting fright

Falling down the gravity lift
I’ve opened the lid to my infinite gift
Falling back from the edge of beyond
My conscience is clear now my fog lights are on
Falling down the sanity tube
I’ve realigned the walls of my Rubik’s Cube
Falling back into my blood and bones
Big Brother has lost one of its clones

Now the dream I live for is level and true
My scars are on the inside battered and blue
Mother nature dictates, I choose to obey
She strengthens my root then blows me away
Now for all the confused lonely helpless souls
Who are actually helping the world to go astray
Here are some suggestions
So that you can light your way

Alert yourself to what’s in your head
Dreams can exist outside your bed
Observe your thoughts like the clouds in the sky
When you feel free ask yourself why
Submerge your heart in therapeutic fires
The ashes will contain your secret desires
Pain is a signal to get back on track
You control the wheel and you fill the backpack
Harbour wisdom into your cylindrical hull
Power surges forward past invincible
Laugh out loud when you break on through
Part of the process is just being you
Bad habits will fall off like old leaves on a tree
It cannot go wrong when you truly believe

Lyric Version

Lyric Version 2

An Older Recording

Forest Version

Live Version

Anti-hoot Version

Nobs Version

Original Falling

New dawns are appearing below
I can hear footsteps in the snow
Falling back in an outer space fit
Sky is far from the furthest limit

Novas drive by at the speed of light
Travelling faster into the night
Falling down to earth with no bump
Sun is a horizon to the human sump

Birds of paradise are spreading to mate
Heading for the Holy Gold Gate
Falling back from the edge of nowhere
Soul is a partner we have to share

Weirdo Harris keeps talking Metaphysics
It makes a lot of sense to us old medics
Falling down to land on my crown
Sea is drowning my old image clown

Statue of Liberty has put her torch out
It is last orders and this is my shout
Falling back into a third world place
Sap is draining from my red face

Independence day really is tomorrow
Posion has gone with the end of my sorrow
Falling down with dignity and style
Sin has taught me how to smile

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