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Not long after I first moved to Antalya permanently in 2006 I had a family day out with my first wife, her parents and my son who was still just a toddler. My Father In Law took us to a local park which had just recently opened and there were some celebrations there for Children’s Day in Turkey.

There is a small Theatre in the Park and children from many different nationalities were performing some show or dance routine about their country and it was really good to see them all mixing and playing together well.

I made a trip out to that area on my bike to meet a friend and when I saw the park again I thought I should take my son and new wife there as it would at least get us out the house for a while.

On the way there I saw a garden full of bread. I have no idea what it was fro but I was tempted to jump over the wall and take some for our picnic.

Of course, my family weren’t too keen on that as they prefer fresh bread and cookies from the bakery….mainly because they have a mug that pays for them…..namely, me.

There has been a few additions to the park since the last time I was there and this Waterfall is one.

At one point 3 or 4 dogs walked right along the top edge of it and although they were very calm about it I was shitting myself for them but they were obviously season pros.

The park has many wide paths which are great for cycling on and indeed my son and I had brought our bikes. I told him to go and get some exercise around the park but he came back after about 5 minutes complaining that he was tired.

It wasn’t like that in my day, I tell you. Too much virtual exercise and not enough actual exercise. After he gets PE at school he complains of Lactic Acid build up and if he is staying with his mother, she keeps him off school the next day!

I wish I could have used that excuse back in the day but my mother would have tied me to her car bumper and made me run or be dragged to school.

I don’t get many opportunities to perform in Turkey as not many people speak Scottish here but next time perhaps I shouldn’t be so optimistic in the size of the venue I booked.

Still, with one person in the audience it reminds me of most of my EdFringe gigs.

My son doing his best Golum impersonation.

The likeness is uncanny.

Who needs to put stuff in bins when you can just leave your crap at your arse? That seems to be the philosophy to refuse disposal here.

Needless to say it irks me somewhat but not as much as it did before I found out that Niburu will come soon and blow the Earth and all it’s garbage to smithereens, so I take some solace in that.

I encouraged Aynur to ride Ellis’s bike so that maybe she could get one and start coming on family bike rides. After she nearly ran me over with it though, I put an end to her lesson pretty swiftly.

Another new feature in many parks here is that they have added Dog Play areas. They remind me of an obstacle course at Cruffs.

I feel sorry for the street dogs though as no-one take them into the park, only the ones with owners go in there.

I haven’t seen to many Camels in Konyaalti. This looks more like a scene from Lawrence of Arabia.

We passed Sporland on the way back. I didn’t realise that it offered many different sports and not just football. Just a pity I have got a dodgy back these days and my sporting career is pretty much over, unless it is a pub sport.

Atatürk appears to have come back from the grave to sign his name in graphiti on this wall.

There are a few of these Konyaalti signs dotted across the Konyaalti area of Antalya. I haven’t seen anything similar in the Lara region but then again, with only four letters to work with it wouldn’t be as ettractive I guess.

This is probably the worst name for a cafe I have ever seen…Dear Man. Needless to say they didn’t last long and it closed down.

I must have been feeling generous as I took the family to a Ciğ Köfte cafe. Traditionally it is a raw meat dish but the government banned the selling of it as someone must have gotten ill from it, so now the public ones are made with vegetables. I am sure people still do the raw meat version in their houses.

I ordered a pretty big plate but my companions got full quickly which meant that I had to finish it all myself and when there is Hot Sauce there I feel compelled to put it on every bite so I was sweating profusely by the end of it.

Here are some clips from the theatre area and cafe.

Now you know what I have to put up with. 😉

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