Family Versus Ambition

family versus ambition

Just can’t seem to find peace from irritating individuals
Sometimes I just want to be left alone to wallow
I can’t get any thinking done about how to walk the tightrope
I’ve been trying long and hard to get my wife to swallow

The thing is that I am not sure what I want myself
I just know that things need to change around here
I get pestered constantly by a woman and a five year old boy
Sometimes I think I love them but tonight I need beer

I have to do a balancing act between my ambition and duties
My spirit was almost crushed but now it is on the rebound
So I try my best to give of myself to my torturing family
As I dust myself down from years being squashed into the ground

I will raise up like lazarus and claim all that is mine
And in doing so I will feel happy and embrace everyone
The reason I take my anger out on those closest to me
Is because inside I have a deep real need just to have fun

Is that too much to ask in this solemn day and age?
Everyone is so wrapped up in their self created situation
They do not think to look above the parapet for answers
To the question about how they can achieve salvation

Not in the religious sense, at least not the common way
You can pray to God for eternity he will never answer
God helps those who help themselves the old saying goes
But in reality each of us are a self fulfilling universal dancer

So we need to take the steps required to free our mind
From the torment of being trapped in these heavy bodies
We know our place is amongst the stars and in the heavens
And one day I hope to join all the free happy daddies

But to do that first I must earn my stripes on the earth plane
By taking care of my family and serving those around me
Self glorifying goals no longer mean so much since parenthood
I am just beginning to accept the change that I need to be

So I will stop lying in my bed wishing the world away
I will get up early and pick up my axe and grind it to the wheel
I will give time for my boy to show me his deep affection
And who knows maybe one day soon I may give my wife a feel

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