Flamenco Dancer at Witch House Cafe, Antalya

Aynur and I attended an Occupation Fancy Dress Party at King Bar on Saturday night, where she had hired a Flamenco Dancer’s costume and she had rehearsed some dance moves so she could strut her stuff in the bar but although we had asked for some Flamenco music to be played that never materialised so she still had an itch to scratch in that regard.

Profession King Party (66)

She asked me if I could find her somewhere to perform close to our apartment so that I could take a few photos of her and make a video of her doing a Flamenco Dance in a nice venue and also get the most value for money from the hired costume.

I believe that if someone wants to do something creative or different then you should support them in their endeavour as best you can so rather than tell her to get a grip, we took to the streets on a Monday night looking for an appropriate place.

We first of all tried another pub which had recently opened close by but the owner wasn’t too keen and asked what he was going to get out of it. Well, of course we would have bought some drinks while we were there but I didn’t like his attitude so I said we would look elsewhere.

We were heading Khoffner Bar but on the way we passed the Witch House Cafe which is another recently opened Cafe Bar which we had passed by a few times but never entered.

Witch House Cafe

As we walked passed I noticed there was two guitar players playing and so as I contemplated going in a member of staff, called Sinan, came to the door and invited us in for a drink. I explained that Aunur wanted to dance and he was all for it, and so I got the sense that this was the place as the energy felt right. I am a believer in going with the flow and in this case my gut feeling was proved right.

Flamenco Dancer (50)

My son and I took a seat and Aynur took her bag with her dress and shoes in to the toilet to get changed while we enjoyed the entertainment. I also got chatting to Sinan and told him I was going to perform a comedy night and was looking for a venue. At this point a Russian guy called Rustam came across and asked me about it and I got his contact details and we are now facebook friends and he will join us at events in future.

When Aynur returned she was looking good although a little bit nervous but we were here with a mission and so I told her to go and arrange the music on the computer and let the fun begin.

Flamenco Dancer (41)

I had actually brought some music on my mp3 stick but she had been practising with one song in particular on youtube and when she saw she could get that played on the laptop she chose that, although the sound quality wasn’t that great.

Flamenco Dancer (34)

Here is the video of her performing. As you can tell she is not professionally trained but at least she got it out of her system and people appreciated her efforts.

I was proud of her too although I did ask her why she kicked her shoes off as she had tortured my downstairs neighbours for 2 days by practising on our wooden floors.

Flamenco Dancer (42)

My son was having a great time. It even beat killing virtual people in Assassin Creed and all the other mindless shoot em up games he passes his time with while I sit in front of my computer playing at internet marketing.

Flamenco Dancer (46)

Aynur then got a well earned coffee while my son and I enjoyed some Hot Chocolate as it would have been rude not to order something but they gave us a good deal into the bargain, so all was good. 🙂

We then took a few snaps with the big ghost which sits outside the Cafe.

Flamenco Dancer (60)

Back in the apartment Aynur wanted to annoy the neighbours for another hour or so and we made a video of that too but I will spare you that pleasure for now and keep it in the archive for future reference.

Flamenco Dancer (67)

When we were leaving Sinan asked me to pop in with a business card for my E-Video Agency which I had mentioned to him and he said he would pass it on to his boss.

I went back the next day with it and met Orhan for a chat which led to him inviting us to the bar to do some entertaining a few days later which I will relate to you in a future blog.

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