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Billy at The Usher Hall

I saw that The Flaming Lips were coming to play The Usher Hall in Edinburgh and having seen them twice before I knew it would be a great gig, so I called up my friend, Andy, to see if he wanted to go. I only had enough money in my account to buy my ticket so I asked if he would get them online and I would give him the cash when I saw him a couple of days later, which was cool.

I was going to meet him on the train but I decided to just get the bus direct from Bo’ness rather than go to Linlithgow train station as the bus went past Haymarket station in Edinburgh where we would get off the train anyway. I texted Andy to let him know the score.

I got his reply just after the bus went past Haymarket so I got off at the West End of Princess Street and began to walk back to Haymarket, no rush as I was ahead of schedule.

On my way there I saw an actual Edinburgh Tram! I couldn’t believe it. I think it has taken about 7 years and 8 trillion pound to get one of these things running so I had to take a few photos of one in action.

An Edinburgh Tram!

Just after taking the snaps I got a call from Andy. “Billy, I’m on the train, but I’ve forgot the tickets”. This made me burst out laughing. “No, I’m not joking”. “Ha, I know you’re not joking. lololo”

We met in Ryries Bar, just outside Haymarket, were I proceeded to try and wind him up. I thought it was funny but he wasn’t in the mood to laugh. He said I couldn’t annoy him more than he was already annoyed at himself, but I gave it my best shot anyway.

Get that camera tae fuck!

I have had so many things happen to me in life that when a small faux pas like this happens it really is water off a ducks back. Plus, I did have the feeling that we would get in anyway, what with modern tracing technology being as efficient as it is I knew they would have a record of his purchase.

I also knew that there would be some very beautiful helpful ladies behind the desk that wouldn’t let us down and so it proved with Emma and Katrina. A few checks on the computer and a quick phone call to the Manageress Anita and 10 minutes later it was sorted.

The Lovely Ladies

Once we had the tickets, Andy could stop sweating profusely.

An actual Flaming Lips ticket!

We then went to Moriartys Bar round the corner for a few drinks before the gig. I found my drink.

My favourite drink!

There was a young woman working behind the bar and so I told her that we were going to see The Lips. She asked what songs do they sing, so I sang “Do you realize, you have the most beautiful face?’ and said when I saw you I thought of that one. “Ouch” she said, “What a charmer”, nodding to Andy “Keep him on a leash!”. Yeah, I was quite pleased with that one. Didn’t work though. :-/

After the Eurovision Song contest I believe that Bearded Ladies are the ‘in’ thing just now.

Bearded ladies are the new rage.

Had a good wee chat to these two Flaming Lips fans. They had been to see them a few days before in London and were raving about their support band that night, Tame Impala.

Flaming Lips Fans Pre Gig Drink

The band were due on at 8.45pm so we made it to the Usher Hall for exactly then but had to go to the bar first obviously. Only problem was, most of the crowd had beat us to it.

The Flaming Lips Bar

As we were going to be there a while I started chatting to this shy Canadian girl. I think her name was Victoria. Well, she was shy when I told her I would be putting the photo on my website, up until then we were having a good natter but by the time she got her drink she couldn’t get away fast enough. lol.

Shy Canadian

I told her I would see her down the front of the gig but when we walked in I soon realised that was a plan that wasn’t well thought through, so we just stayed right at the back of the stalls, which was cool as it gave us room to dance!

Then it was time for The Flaming Lips! Yee-ha!

The Flaming Lips

As I mentioned, I have seen them at least twice before and they have always been good but this gig took what they do to a whole new level. It was an amazing gig from start to finish. The music, the light show and the inflatable aliens were all superb!

I have to say though that people these days appear to have had the soul ripped out of them as most of them just stood watching the whole gig without ever moving, apart from a polite handclap at the appointed time at the end of each song. Seriously, it’s not like it was in my day, even though this is still my day. You catch my drift eh.

On a pedalstool

After about the 3rd song Andy was telling me that it is the best gig he has ever been too, and I was inclined to agree with him, it is certainly up there with the best of the best.

Quite handy those plastic cups for clapping. Maybe that’s the reason for them.

Quite handy these plastic glasses.

Sitting just outside the entrance door to the auditorium were 4 female staff. I took a photo of them too but a few minutes later some official dude came inside looking for me to ask me to delete the photo. Fair enough, no problem there. I mean, the ladies could have asked me themselves, I am not the Papparazi but I shook hands with Paul, the head of security and then apologised to the Ladies and headed off to the bar.

When I was there I met thisΒ guy. He came on to me and although I was flattered I had to give the answer that was on his T-Shirt. Well, at least that’s what I’m telling you guys. πŸ˜‰

Never is right.

Towards the end of the gig I noticed something kept flashing up on the screen behind the band and I said something to the girl, Caroline, in front that I never thought I would say to anyone, far less a lady. I said “Did you just see a huge Vagina?'”

She hadn’t but when it flashed again, she saw it and assured me it wasn’t hers. I said, “Yeah, I bet yours is much more beautiful.” As was pointed out before, I’m a charmer if nothing else. πŸ˜‰

Here are The Flaming Lips in question. πŸ™‚

Did you just see a huge Vagina?

I then asked her friend Louise, if she had seen the giant Pussy before grabbing them both for a photo. Both Caroline and Louise that is, not their pussies. lol.

With Caroline and Louise.

Here are a few short clips from the gig with some of my treacherous singing included, you have been warned. πŸ˜‰

After the gig, as I was in the mood, I was taking a few more snaps and we met Beehive Lady. I do love that Hairstyle, straight outta the Fifties. She told me she had it done that day and that it would only last about 3 days. Still, gotta be worth half a bottle of Hairspray to look that good.

Beehive Lady

She was with her partner and they asked us to join them for a drink, so as we had 20 minutes or so spare we popped into The Shakespeare Bar for a quick one with them. I had already taken a few photos of them with us and as the guy was wearing a really cool shirt and I wanted to see what it would look like with my waistcoat.

We agreed that it wasn’t really a winning combo but when he took it off he brought over the barman and said something like “I have you 4 witnesses here to prove that I do not want my photo on his website”. I said, “You could have just asked me pal. No need to get all Legal about it.” Still they were a fun couple and I said I would send him the photos if he ever gets in touch. Until then, they are in my locked desktop folder along with my home porn movies. πŸ™‚

With that, we had to run for our train at Haymarket, making it with about 2 minutes to spare. However, by the time I got off the train I wasn’t feeling great and after the taxi back to Andy’s I was let’s just say, a little worse for wear. I asked him to get the basin out for me just in case and then passed out on the sofa almost immediately. Always a sign of a good night when you wake up with a basin beside you.

The next day Andy gave me my official ticket…..oh well, makes a nice memento. πŸ˜‰

The Original Flaming Lips Ticket!

This photo sums up the night! Awesome!

LOVE The Flaming Lips

The Photos

p.s Oh, I forgot to mention Andy’s job….he’s a planner. πŸ™‚

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