Flying Dog – 20/11/15

I had already been to see Flying Dog at Simurg Temple a couple of weeks previously but I had a killer headache and couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked, so I went back with my wife with the intention of letting loose a bit more than before.

flying dog (4)

It turns out there was a bit of a going away party there for my friend Miguel from Spain, who was going on to pastures new in London so I wished him all the best for the future. Nothing ventured and all that.

flying dog (7)

It was also good to meet up with Rusty from the band Rock Heart who I wasn’t surprised to see there as he is a bit of a Rock dude himself.

flying dog (8)

I knew another friend of mine, Eto, would be there as he is the manager and he always takes good care of me whenever I go to one of his places. (He has worked at a few bars since I have known him).

On this occasion he took particularly good care of me as he put a free Tequila in the two beers that I had ordered without stopping to ask me if I wanted any.

flying dog (9)

I thought it was quite amusing and a nice gesture but Brian, who I had bought the other beer for, was less impressed.

flying dog (12)

It was also good to see Tamer again and meet up with Brians new roomate Brian (2). We were all getting into the Heavy Metal sounds of Flying Dog by this point and the tongues out photo seemed appropriate.

flying dog (16)

The Tequila beer must have done it’s job because it wasn’t long before I was ordering a straight Tequila for Aynur and myself.

flying dog (23)

As you can see we enjoyed it immensely, well, at least I thought it was ok but then again, I have had more practice in such matters.

flying dog (24)

Aynur obviously couldn’t handle the Tequila and got a bit confused on how to do the Devil’s Horns Hand sign.

flying dog (27)

I didn’t bring my good camcorder with me so I didn’t try and get a good recording of the band but rather I just switched on the video of my small camera to get a flavour of the party atmosphere.

I realised I was pretty drunk when I thought it would be a good idea if I joined the band onstage but that didn’t stop me doing it. Fortunately for the other guys they had left by this time and when the singer and guitarist were having a playful 5 minutes with the crowd I went down the front of the stage and next thing I knew I was on it!

Grabbed Frame 3

I hadn’t a clue what to do once I was up there and I am fully aware of the fact that I can’t sing so I just try to put some ‘oomph’ into the performance and see where that leads me.

Grabbed Frame 4

It turned out that it led me onto some pretty shaky ground, not for the first time ever it has to be said. I had dropped my wife’s phone so I came up with a line about it and then went full tilt for the comedy angle.

Grabbed Frame 8

You can see my performance here.

After I had made the joke, which did get a few laughs, there was really nowhere else for me to go and it was time for me to exit stage left, which I duly did. I don’t know what the band thought of it but I had a laugh about it afterwards. I don’t think they’ll let me back onto their stage in a hurry though.

flying dog (35)

I think these were my biggest fans of the night.

flying dog (37)

This bouncer used to work at Shakers Pub so he knows me from there. He always reminds me of Lou Ferrigno except all his clothes fit him well…and he’s not Green. He’s actually very amiable and always up for a photo.

flying dog (45)

If I am feeling really generous (or drunk) I take Aynur for a snack on the way home. This time I nearly lost my camera as I dropped it in my soup. The waiters were across quick as a flash though with some napkins which I think helped to save it. I did laugh though.

flying dog (64)

I was feeling the Lurve big time at this point.

flying dog (74)

There are quite a few street dogs in Turkey and I normally stay clear of them but sometimes I clap on of them and then you have a friend for life.

This dog walked with us from the Soup restaurant all the way to my apartment and I really wanted to take it home with me but I don’t want the long term responsibility of having a pet so I had to leave it outside.

flying dog (76)

It was a shame as it was really loving but maybe it would be happier on the streets anyway instead of cooped up in a house all day like I am. Sometimes I really envy the freedom the street dogs have, well apart from when it rains.

Here are some drunken ramblings from my good self on the way home.

All in all a good time was had by all.

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