Footlights Bar – 12/1/14

Nob Stewart

Nob Footlights

So a’ had performed at Rory McAlpine’s Footlichts bar gig an’ a’ actually got invited back! There’s a first. Lach, well at least in theory, has tae let me back tae the Anti-hoot cause that’s an open mic nicht but here a’ wiz gettin’ booked fur a second gig by the same promoter! Fair enough, a’ wiznae gettin’ paid fur it but it’s a start eh?

So, as a’ had got ripped at the Glasgae Slam in ma previous gig a’ thought a’d mix it up and dae this yin sober! It wiz a bit weird bein’ on stage straight cause it wiz like it wiz in real time. Mental!


A’ never ken whit a’ am gonnae talk aboot afore a’ hit the stage which probably isnae a guid tactic but a’ am tae lazy tae wurk oot a set aforehand. Therefore a’ jist wing it an’ dig oot some auld material when a’ am strugglin’ fur laughs, which fair play is quite a lot.

The gig went reasonably aricht. A’ should hae maybe ae continued dain’ material but a’ wiz gettin’ a bit paranoid on stage, what wi’ bein’ straight, so a’ recited Porn Addict tae finish ma set aff. It has went doon better but at least a’ didnae totally fuck the nicht up wi’ ma set which has happened quite a lot in the past. So that’s ma benchmark.

So if ye are interested in seein’ whit pish a’ came oot wi’ this time, here is the gig a’ performed in full fur ye as per usual.

Cheers the noo…


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